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How to approach public speaking with confidence

Have you ever had to speak in front of a large crowd and felt that it was the most embarrassing thing you could ever have to do? Some people are afraid to speak in front of large crowds and others just seem to come by it naturally. Older people tend to have more social interactions on their belt then the latest generations that stick to texting and Facetime. These generational differences don’t have to create a barrier for public speaking. Nearly 40% of the U.S. workforce is made up of millennials. No matter which type of person you are there is always room for improvement. So what can you do to increase your stage presence? To become a selling financial services speaker that boasts confidence follow these simple steps.

People listen to generation speakers and millennial speakers that seem to know what they are talking about. Have you ever listened to a speech and thought the person really didn’t grasp exactly what they were speaking about? This is a common occurrence for people who are uncomfortable on stage and don’t feel right speaking in front of a large crowd. You can seem clueless if you wind up stammering and stuttering through your entire performance. The best thing you can do is practice as often as possible and do it in front of others so you can get a feel for it. Rehearsing is great on your own but if you want to grow comfortable with your topic you should try making yourself uncomfortable first. Maintain a captive audience as a selling financial services speaker is easy of your willing to tackle your stage fright.

Do as much research as you can before you get started. The more information you know the better especially if there will be questions afterwards. Much of the information may not even be spoken on stage but the more you know the better you will feel when speaking on stage. Some people benefit from writing about the topic they will speak about, taking down key notes and valuable information before creating a speech. Others choose to watch videos for a more visual learning experience. This depends on what type of learner you are and what helps you to obtain valuable information. While on stage as a selling financial services speaker you will feel like a seasoned pro if you conduct enough research. Selling to millennials is not impossible you just need to find what speaks to them through you.

Try to remember that you are only human and you are speaking to regular people just like you. Putting your guests on a pedestal will make them feel very judgemental and can create fear that is unnecessary. Becoming a millennial speaker is something that many choose to do for a living and there are certain aspects you can’t control like technical difficulties or forgetting the words to your speech. We are all human and mistakes will happen so going into this with confidence and being prepared is the only way to tackle any public speaking as a selling financial services speaker. Taking on the battle of managing generational differences in the workplace may seem like an uphill battle but eventually everyone will be on the same page and thrive together.

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