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Nearly Half Of A Building’s Energy Loss Is From Poor Air Filtration The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

Energy efficient buildings aren’t a trend. They’re the way of the future.

Homeowners lose hundreds of dollars a year on inadequate flooring, doors, and roofing materials. Businesses are regularly set back with buildings that drain their resources rather than bringing out their best. Spray foam equipment is the answer millions of people need to finally push back against lost money. Your business learning how to incorporate the open cell spray foam into their maintenance and repair jobs will do wonders for both reducing strain on the environment and attracting customers. In fact…

…let’s take a deeper look at the spray foam business of today and the benefits just around the corner.

Poor Air Filtration Is A Drain On Energy Savings

Energy bills getting higher isn’t always to blame on faulty equipment. Sometimes it’s just a few too many cracks and holes in a building’s foundation. One study revealed up to 40% of a building’s energy loss is due to poor air filtration alone. A loose breeze between a single-paned window or temperature leaked through a weak roof builds over time, adding up to a bill that’s far higher than it has any right to be. Open cell spray foam equipment will go a long way in patching things up, literally and metaphorically.

Commercial And Residential Buildings Need Some Change

Both homeowners and businessowners have a lot to celebrate with the open cell spray foam technique. The Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) has recently instated the Energy Star Program to help provide a broad perspective on energy conservation methods. They determined that adding better insulation and sealing up air leaks can slash monthly energy bills by 20% or more. This is easily done with the spray foam gun, designed to fit into tight spaces and provide solutions that last.

Worldwide Energy Usage Is Reaching Astronomical Heights

Energy usage is only getting higher from here. Just take a look at statistics determining where our energy is going and why. The section of the United States’ annual energy usage through fossil fuel combustion, for starters, has exceeded 80%. Following China, the United States proceeded to consume the most energy in the world in 2016 at 2,200 million metric tons of oil. The combined yearly costs of both industrial and commercial buildings is now sitting at $400 billion.

The Future Of HVAC Employment Is Looking Bright

Where does HVAC employment come into all this? According to data by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, HVAC employment rates are expected to rise by 15% or so between 2016 and 2026. This includes installation, repair, and more specialized services. The spray foam business, in particular, is seeing a surge of requests thanks to today’s more eco-friendly society. If you’ve been wondering how you can attract more customers, all you have to do is change up your equipment.

Spray Foam Insulation Is A Great Addition To Your Business

The spray foam gun holds a lot of potential. According to the Department Of Energy, nearly 60% of the energy used in American homes goes straight to heating and cooling alone. Businesses today also expend a lot of energy to keep their lights on. Offering relief is as basic as reaching out to spray foam distributors and asking about their equipment. Spray foam insulation is easy to apply and lasts a long time, offering a green approach at the touch of a button.

Energy efficiency is a bandwagon that will never quit. What could the open cell spray foam do to improve your business?

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