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Protect Those Floors Before You Paint

Have you ever had a client complain that their floor has been destroyed after a construction project? That there were paint drips or layers of sawdust and other construction hazards littering the floor after a project has been completed? In many cases even if that is not true many companies find themselves dealing with the frustrations of customers who like to complain and place blame on other people. This is where cardboard floor protection for your painting and construction jobs could be the saving piece that you’ve needed to involve in your jobs in order to avoid those long winded conversations to clean up after yourself.

We’ve all dealt with those messes, the paint brush flicks just a little too much and suddenly there’s a mess on the floor that you now have to spend hours with trying to clean up rather than just having a smooth exist strategy after your walls have been completed. This is where a temporary floor covering could come in and prevent you from having another large job on your hands. With this cardboard floor protection you’re giving yourself the keys to a quick and easy fix before you even begin making a mess and finishing up your hardworking projects.

Ram Board is a thick layer of cardboard used as floor surface protection that goes down over the entire floor to protect it while you work on the walls above. With this in place you can walk over it and on it just like you would a solid floor without having to worry about damaging the floor or even having too much of a mess to clean up after you finish. The cardboard can be for your what the floor would and give a sturdy and easy balance even when you’re working on areas above your head with a ladder. Don’t use a ladder on an uneasy floor and risk an injury. Instead cover the whole floor and worry less about having to re do that after as well.

So many paint and construction jobs within homes end up with the hardwood or the rugs needing to be pulled up and re done afterwards simply because they have lost their luster after the walls have been fixed up and re done. By placing cardboard floor protection down first you’re that possibility and giving your floors a chance to stay as shiny or as fluffy as your hardwood or rug has always been. Don’t worry about having to sand or pick out a new carpet for the homeowners next, just worry about landing your next job.

By using the best construction site protection that you can around your work area you’ll have an easier time moving from job to job and acquiring new costumers. Don’t stress yourself out over that possibly damaged floor before a project is even completed yet, instead, put down cardboard floor protection and take care of that floor before you even begin your construction or your painting. Your decision will benefit all of the choices you make in the long run and you’ll be happier with your work if you do it.

The benefit of putting a Ram Board down can save you a ton of work when your project is coming to a close and you’re getting ready to move onto the next one. Instead of giving yourself more to do, give yourself less to do and be proud of the job that you’ve done.

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