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Taking A Closer Look At The Importance of Advertising In The United States

From consumer research to quantitative research design methods, there is no doubt about it that advertising is a key priority for just about every business here in the United States. And it only makes sense too, after all, as the vast majority of businesses must use a variety of advertising methods in order to stay as relevant as possible – and to take advantage of the consumer research that has been gathered on the subject as much as they are possibly able to do.

In many ways, the world of advertising has changed significantly in recent years, with all of these changes linked back to the internet and the internet alone. Connectivity has changed the way that we relate to one another, but also the way that we relate to various brands, something that has been found through various aspects of consumer research. For many people, finding products online and conducting online research has become a critical part of making just about any purchasing decision. The way that a brand or a company presents themselves online can actually make or break what a customer or potential customer thinks about them.

For instance, having a mobile friendly website has become particularly key, a statement that is backed up by the consumer research and marketing analysis that has bene conducted on the subject. In fact, more than 70% of all people now expect that just about every site will be mobile friendly, something that has been especially cemented by the fact that those who have mobile phones will use them to look up the prices of objects ahead of time nearly half of the time (around 45% of the time, to be just a little bit more exact). If a site is not as conducive to mobile viewing as other sites, it is far less likely to get the views or the business that it needs to stay afloat.

Aside from the importance of web design, consumer research through various market research companies have found that connectivity from a brand or a product to consumers and potential customers is also important through social media, if this is at all possible for the brand to do. After all, most people here in the United States use various forms of social media on a regular basis, and using these platforms for advertising can be quite lucrative. In fact, at least half of all adults here in the United States will spend an hour or more on Facebook each and every week (typically more), and nearly the entirety of the millennial generation engaged with social media (around 95% of them, according to studies that have recently been conducted) said that they now have come to expect that various brands will be present there in some capacity.

But though social media marketing can be quite effective, consumer marketing and consumer research have shown that it’s important for brands and companies to still find out how exactly they can best do this in order to draw in the most potential customers at once. Videos, for instance, can be quite compelling marketing tools that have been shown by consumer research to draw in just about everyone that scrolls past them.

In fact, the research that has been done on the subject has found that the typical adult here in the United States will spend as many as five and a half hours out of the day simply watching videos. These videos might vary in nature, of course, but many of them are certainly likely to be marketing videos – or at least a few of them will be, at the very least. And if the video that a brand puts out is particularly well thought out and informative, it will be even more likely to get views, as more than 65% of all people will watch a video more than once if they found it to be particularly well thought out and full of important information of varying natures.

At the end of the day, marketing and advertising strategies matter quite a bit, something that has only grown since the advent of digital marketing and its widespread usage here.

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