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How GSA 84 Helps Fire and Emergency Services

Many services depend on a special service the government offers. Research shows that, during the fiscal year 2017, government buyers spent almost $1.2 billion by using the GSA Security Schedule. The GSA Schedules program is broken down into about 30 separate Schedules or contracts, all of which are categorized by industry. Of these 30 categories, there are also over 100 subcategories which are otherwise known as Special Item Numbers. In this post, you’ll learn how GSA 84 helps fire and emergency services.

  • Transporting Patients in a Safe Manner

    It’s important to make sure that emergency service workers are able to transport patients. If not, it’s difficult for emergency workers to rescue others. Fortunately, Special Item Number 465 010 ensures that emergency workers have access to emergency patient transportation devices.
  • Putting Out Fires

    It’s imperative for fire services to have the right equipment. If not, it’s hard for local fire departments to put out fires. Fortunately, Special Item Number 465 011 ensures that fire service workers are able to receive products that both extinguish and suppress fires. This also includes fire retardant foams and equipment.
  • Helping Firefighters Breathe Safely

    In many cases, fire department workers will find themselves needing to breathe in dangerous areas. Without access to special equipment, firefighters would be unable to enter areas filled with smoke and other contaminants. Fortunately, Special Item Number 465 022 provides fire departments with various types of breathing equipment. These types of equipment include inhalator devices, respiratory protection apparatuses, and many more types of items.
  • Introducing New Products

    As technology changes, it’s important that fire and emergency workers are able to utilize the latest types of equipment. Special Item Number 567 099 gives both fire and emergency workers access to new products and services. By introducing these services to local fire and emergency workers, they’re able to provide the newest types of care for those in need.

To summarize, fire and emergency services equipment government contracts are extremely important. These fire and emergency services equipment government contracts ensure that workers have access to essential supplies. In turn, these departments are able to watch over the locations they serve. If you operate a fire or emergency service department, you’ll definitely want to look into the GSA Schedules program.

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