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Taking A Closer Look At Fires In The United States – And What Can Be Done To Prevent Them

Fires can be hugely frightening, there is no doubt about this. After all, fires have the power to be quite destructive and very, very dangerous if they are left unchecked. Unfortunately, lives have been lost to fires in all places of this country and many injuries, often quite serious ones, sustained. For many people, recovering form a burn injury proves to be incredibly difficult, and is not something to be glossed over or overlooked as less serious than it actually is. Aside from the toll that fires can take on human life, fires can also be incredibly destructive to property and personal belongings as well.

Though fires can certainly break out just about anywhere, they are particularly commonplace in hotels and motels. As a matter of fact, up to about $76 million worth of property loss and damage will occur from such fires over the course of just one year, and the toll that these fires take on human life is very significant as well. Over the course of just one year, as many as 15 people will lose their lives to hotel and motel fires throughout this one country alone, and about 150 more will become injured. While some of these injuries are likely to be more on the minor side of things, many of them will be quite more serious indeed.

Medical center fires have also become commonplace, from residential care facilities for the elderly to hospitals with a much wider variety of different patients inside of it. These medical center fires tend to stem from a number of different places. First of all, it’s important to note the distinction between fires that develop in confined spaces versus fires that develop in non confined spaces, as these two types of fires tend to have drastically different causes.

Such can be said for medical facility fires. When it comes to fires that originate in confined spaces, cooking fires from confined cooking spaces are by and large the most commonplace, making up about 55% of these types of fires. But non confined space fires are certainly not rare in such facilities, and up to 20% (or nearly so) of all non confined space fires originate from electrical and wiring malfunctions that occur. These fires, no matter where they originate, can spread quite rapidly, posing a risk to the staff members and patients alike, to say the very least.

Fortunately, various types of fire protection services can be hugely influential in mitigating much of the threat that these fires present. Types of fire protection has also become more advanced than ever before too, including everything from fire alarm systems to fire sprinkler systems. And the data surrounding these types of fire protection services has also proven to be quite promising, with the results showing that the use of various types of fire protection services, from fire alarms to fire sprinkler systems, can reduce the damage sustained by the fire in question by as much as 50%, which encompasses not only property damage but the number of injuries and even deaths that occur as well.

When it comes to types of fire protection services, it’s important to note in particular the role of fire sprinkler systems. Though the typical fire alarm system is certainly incredibly important to alert people inside of any given building to the presence of a fire, it is fire sprinkler systems that actually help to quench the fire or even put it out completely. As a matter of fact, there have never been more than two fire related deaths at any given scene when fire sprinkler systems have been one of the types of fire protection services put into use, proving that these types of fire protection services are really incredibly important when everything is said and done.

Of course, fire alarm repair and regular maintenance will be essential for all types of fire protection services, as it is very important to ensure that these systems are in good working order at all times. After all, this is really the only way that people can stay as safe.

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