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Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Donating To Charity Here In The United States

From wounded veterans charities to the American Red Cross to charities to help families in need, there are a great deal of charities out there in the world. Fortunately, rates of charitable giving are high here in the United States, with nearly three quarters of the population giving back to charity at least once over the course of the year – and many giving back, as they are able, far more frequently even than that. In fact, the amount of charitable donations accrued by wounded veterans charities and other such charities over the course of a year makes up as much as 3% of the total collective income of employees throughout the United States.

For those who are not able to give a monetary amount to wounded veterans charities or the like, giving in the form of used clothing donations is still more than possible. Unfortunately, only around 15% of all used clothing is actually donated, meaning that much of it is instead sent straight to a landfill. But with more and more people becoming aware of the need of charity organizations like wounded veterans charities and the like, more people are giving back in any way that they can, often in the form of clothes donations.

And the rates of clothing donations are on the rise. Though the general population sends as many as ten and a half million tons of clothing to various landfills throughout the country every single year, more than four and half billion pounds are kept out of them all thanks to charitable donations. This is already a considerable difference, but it is one that can certainly grow as awareness for donating clothing spreads.

After all, donating your clothing can be just as incredibly beneficial to the environment as it is to wounded veterans charities found all throughout the country. American consumption has increased considerably, with as many as 70 pounds of various textiles discarded in a year, and repurposing such textiles can be hugely beneficial to the health of our planet as a whole – and not just here in the United States but truly on a global scale. After all, nearly all of textiles can be recycled, even if they cannot still be used as they were originally intended to be.

For such recycled textiles, the options for reuse are actually much more varied than many people would ever think. For instance, recycled textiles can be repurposed as factory rags. As the manufacturing industry is immense here in the United States, there is much need for such a thing. In addition to this, however, textiles that have been recycled can also be readily used as the stuffing for various types of furniture, such as armchairs and couches and even love seats, to name just a few. In most cases, recycling any textile goods is far superior to simply throwing it away, even if the textile in question is quite old and worn out.

Of course, giving back to wounded veterans charities and the like in the form of clothing donations is hugely beneficial for the person who is actually doing the donating as well. After all, it’s a great way to help out your community without spending a lot of money, something that is pretty ideal for the vast majority of people living here in the United States. In addition to this, giving in the form of charitable donations can also help the average person or family declutter their home.

And homes in the United States are often much in need of decluttering. As a matter of fact, the typical home will have as many as 300,000 objects in it. If you look in the typical closet space, you’ll likely find it overrun with clothes. After all, it can be hard to part with old clothing and, when buying new clothing on a relatively regular basis, it’s no surprise that the amount of clothing a person has all too easily piles up and becomes pretty unmanageable. Fortunately, however, this can be rectified in the form of charitable donations in America.

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