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Archive for February, 2019

Finding the Finest Fridge for Storing Vaccines

For over 200 years, medical research and developments such as vaccines have done a lot of work to promote good health and fight disease. Today, advanced vaccines for many different diseases are hard at work preventing illness, and American research labs today are fully staffed. Lab technicians and other scientists are always looking for new ways to fight disease, but these workers need the right hardware for the job. This includes storage solutions. At a lab or a hospital, a vaccine freezer or vaccine refrigerator can easily hold a number of fragile vaccines, while and undercounter lab refrigerator can be very useful for lab technicians. In a undercounter lab refrigerator, lab workers can place tissue samples or vaccines as needed. Best of all, an undercounter lab refrigerator will not take up any space on the counters or floor, as the name suggests. An undercounter lab refrigerator is a model of s

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Using Plastic Timbers for Landscaping and Furniture

All sorts of construction materials are used in the United States for a broad range of industries. As a developed nation, the United States manufactures nearly anything a person can imagine, from cars to computers to kids’ toys to playground equipment. Metal, wood, plastic, glass, and rubber are common materials for these many construction projects. Plastic, in particular, has risen to become a staple of manufacturing today. Many items, big and small, are made with plastic components or entirely out of this material. Ever since its invention in the early 1900s, plastic has become a common sight across the United States. A person probably cannot even leave their bedroom in the morning without seeing multiple instances of plastic. By the end of the day, that person may have seen thousands of items with plastic in them. In particular, plastic timbers are very useful for landscaping, Read more ...

Innovative Labeling to Make Your Job Easier

Labeling is a huge part of any industrial work industry. From labeling packages to materials to storage locations, labels are a great source of communication. There’s not always going to be someone there to tell which material is which or what truck a shipment should be on, so communicating key information with labels is a good way to avoid mistakes and speed things along.

There are multiple kinds of labels that can be used depending on the situation at hand. Custom dry erase labels and double layer labels offer unique benefits for the industrial workplace.

Double Layer Action Labels

Double layer action labels are a great option for industrial companies, because they can communicate important information without word of mouth. If a box of parts needs to be checked it can be labeled with one of these with the top label stating the the box needs inspected. When the inspection has taken place the top can be peeled off to reveal the bottom label where you can write in t

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When To Get Commercial Fire Alarms Inspected

A number of hazards may threaten a commercial building today. Earthquakes might shake a building and even cause it to collapse, or floods can sweep away property and cause extensive water damage to the walls and floors. Storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes might smash airborne debris against the building or remove roof tiles. But even if a building is far away from fault lines, flood areas, or tornado or hurricane-prone areas, fire is always a possibility. A fire can cause a lot of damage and threaten both property and human life, so fire alarm services are key to managing fires when they happen. Fire alarm inspection should be done regularly to ensure that the fire alarms in a commercial building are in fine working order, and fire alarm repairs may be needed, too. Fire alarm inspection might also be done on an older building that a business owner just purchased. What are some common causes for

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What is Monel and Why is it Different

There are a variety of metals used in the world all with specific purposes in mind. Four metals are used more often including carbon steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel, with stainless steel commonly being used for products in jet engines, boats, food equipment and chemical containers. Alloy steels are another popular type of product used in a variety of production groups. There are four classes of alloy steels including structural, took and die, magnetic and stainless and heat-resisting. Monel is one of these steels that is commonly used in a variety of places. For those wondering is monel magnetic, we can answer this question as we explore more about monel.


Monel is the name of specific alloys that are made up of different nickels, copper, iron and other trace metals. The corrosion resistance of monel is what makes it such

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