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4 Facts about Tea Farms

Many people have specific reasons for purchasing their tea of choice, although those reasons vary greatly among individuals. Some prefer a specific color, such as black with accounts for a little more than 75% of all tea consumed internationally, or green which accounts for 20% of all tea consumed. Some choose a specific brand because that brand has been tried and true to them. Others, yet still, choose things such as tea packaging which influences shoppers decision about 85% of the time. Some may make their choices based on health decisions such as caffeine content and choose green tea since the 20-40 milligrams per cup is considered a small dose of caffeine. No matter what your reason is caffeine, packaging or brand these facts will help make you even more impressed with the tea farm that your tea was grown at.

Maturing Process

Many tea farms will originate with the hopes of offering tea to consumers, but that won’t be a quick process. The maturing process for some kinds of teas is not a single season. In fact some kinds of teas can take up to three years to fully mature into a plant that can be harvested and used to make tea. This means the waiting game is long and climate conditions can hopefully play along. A small change in climate, soil or a number of other natural factors could mean the difference between a bountiful harvest, or one that is not nearly as prosperous as the tea farmers wanted.


It can be quite obvious that the U.S. is not widely known for having the best climate to grow tea especially when compared with other countries, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Asia, it’s true, is most popularly known for tea farms, but the U.S. has climates that different kinds of tea plants not only tolerate well, but actually enjoy. Different types of tea plants has encouraged the production of more loose leaf teas. The tea packaging for loose leaf teas is similar to packaging for tea that is not loose leaf, but the flavors are different.


Aside from specialty teas, there is another type of tea that consumers are willing to pay for. They are willing to pay for top quality tea. This can mean a variety of things to any consumer, but here are a few more popular things that consumers look for when thinking of quality. Organic tea is considered by some to be top quality. Tea grown on sustainable land is considered top quality and also giving back while growing and harvesting the tea. Certain tea packaging can make teas top quality. some consumes want resealable pouches while others opt for organic paper bags, yet others just look for 100% recycled tea packaging in order to consider the tea high quality.

Land Size

Tea farms can vary in size as there is not a certain size that is needed in order to harvest tea. The sizes can range from small acreage to larger lots of acreage or even hundreds of acres. That is sometimes what sets tea farms apart from each other. Tea farms are all full of plants, that with proper time, protection and pruning, can yield product year after year for an extended period of time. This saves time from having to rotate crop and replenish the soil once the product has been planted and harvested. Tea farms involve the harvest staying where it is for year to come.

Enjoying tea can be a great experience any time of the day, depending on the caffeine content contained in the tea and how you are affected by it. Knowing a little bit about where your tea comes from can help make you appreciate it a little more and possibly influence your tea decisions next time. Consider what things are important to you and try to look for those qualities in tea, things such as recycled or organic tea packaging can go a long way to help the environment while still allowing you to enjoy your tea.

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