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Innovative Labeling to Make Your Job Easier

Labeling is a huge part of any industrial work industry. From labeling packages to materials to storage locations, labels are a great source of communication. There’s not always going to be someone there to tell which material is which or what truck a shipment should be on, so communicating key information with labels is a good way to avoid mistakes and speed things along.

There are multiple kinds of labels that can be used depending on the situation at hand. Custom dry erase labels and double layer labels offer unique benefits for the industrial workplace.

Double Layer Action Labels

Double layer action labels are a great option for industrial companies, because they can communicate important information without word of mouth. If a box of parts needs to be checked it can be labeled with one of these with the top label stating the the box needs inspected. When the inspection has taken place the top can be peeled off to reveal the bottom label where you can write in the inspection date and who it was completed by. That way the next person to look at the box knows that it was inspected and that it’s ready to move on in the process.

Custom Dry Erase Labels

Custom dry erase labels are an awesome tool for many different parts of a manufacturing plant. From warnings posted on machinery that need to be changed as the process goes along to a no smoking sign with your own custom message written on it, dry erase labels offer a variety of uses. You can use them to mark locations of materials or boxes and change them out if things get moved around or if something it out of stock.

Communication is Key

Anyone who works in a manufacturing field knows that communication is key. Mixing up materials or parts can cause hours of extra work. Sending out bad parts that weren’t properly inspected can cause problems with customers. However, in a busy work environment with multiple shifts, communicating by mouth isn’t always an option. Having a strong labeling system with innovative labels can save your company from all kinds of future problems.

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