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Using Plastic Timbers for Landscaping and Furniture

All sorts of construction materials are used in the United States for a broad range of industries. As a developed nation, the United States manufactures nearly anything a person can imagine, from cars to computers to kids’ toys to playground equipment. Metal, wood, plastic, glass, and rubber are common materials for these many construction projects. Plastic, in particular, has risen to become a staple of manufacturing today. Many items, big and small, are made with plastic components or entirely out of this material. Ever since its invention in the early 1900s, plastic has become a common sight across the United States. A person probably cannot even leave their bedroom in the morning without seeing multiple instances of plastic. By the end of the day, that person may have seen thousands of items with plastic in them. In particular, plastic timbers are very useful for landscaping, making a plastic wood fence, and more Even furniture-grade plastic lumber can be used, and often is. Recycled plastic lumber is an environmentally friendly material that can be very useful. What is there to know about furniture-grade plastic lumber and more?

Save Plastic

A major reason to make use of furniture-grade plastic lumber and other plastic timbers is the “go green” initiative. This popular movement is encouraging Americans, and people around the world, to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and the natural environment. This especially needs to be done for plastic. This material, while convenient and lightweight, never degrades and can quickly clog up and choke the natural world. Many people have heard horror stories of animals choking or being strangled with plastic, and great masses of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. Therefore, more and more people and businesses alike are redirecting their used plastic items to recycling centers. Plastic’s durability can be put to good use; that is, many would argue that plastic can and should be recycled into furniture-grade plastic lumber and other plastic timbers whenever possible. This can cut down on production costs, and saves the environment at the same time. Plastic can be used many times in many different ways, and furniture-grade plastic lumber make good use of that flexibility. What do some of these plastic products look like?

Build With Plastic

Some plastic has been recycled into timbers, such as furniture-grade plastic lumber. What comes next? Furniture is one way to make use of these materials. Some outdoor furniture, such as porch chairs, are made out of wood or even metal, and similar chairs can also be folded up, brought to the beach, and deployed. These chairs can be made out of recycled plastic, making them light but tough. Manufacturers can use furniture-grade plastic lumber to make this furniture, and these items are durable, look nice, and can also come in a variety of colors. This makes them appealing to customers, as well as resource-efficient.

The uses for recycled plastic don’t end there. Landscaping is another major use for plastic timbers, and landscaping professionals can make endless use of it. For example, fences can be made with these timbers. As in the case with plastic timber chairs, these fences are tough but lightweight, and they won’t degrade as easily as wooden fences might. Park benches can also be made from plastic timbers, and they are often resistant to vandalism such as etching names into them. They can also get rained on without suffering the adverse effects that wood experiences when soaked. On top of that, plastic timbers are a fine choice for making low walls surrounding flower beds, and they can be used to make step-like formations in gardens. These timbers have the same toughness as other plastic timber products, and they can look classy at the same time.

Plastic timbers can also handle human use. These materials can be used to build playground equipment at parks, and they won’t easily break even when kids are rough-housing all over it. These timbers are also safe because they won’t easily form splinters like wood will, and they are not as hard as metal. These timbers can be used for surrounding a sandbox, or for walkways on playground equipment as well. Recycled plastic can also form slides for kids to use.

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