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What is Monel and Why is it Different

There are a variety of metals used in the world all with specific purposes in mind. Four metals are used more often including carbon steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel, with stainless steel commonly being used for products in jet engines, boats, food equipment and chemical containers. Alloy steels are another popular type of product used in a variety of production groups. There are four classes of alloy steels including structural, took and die, magnetic and stainless and heat-resisting. Monel is one of these steels that is commonly used in a variety of places. For those wondering is monel magnetic, we can answer this question as we explore more about monel.


Monel is the name of specific alloys that are made up of different nickels, copper, iron and other trace metals. The corrosion resistance of monel is what makes it such a popular material. Different grades of monel are available in a variety of shapes to help meet whatever the job needs. Fittings, pipes, round bars, sheets, tubes and wires are all things that monel can be made into.


Monel is preferred over stainless steel and other types of alloys including other nickey alloys and copper and aluminum alloys. Things that make monel preferred is it’s resistance to corrosion. This includes resistance to damage from a variety of elements including sea water and high temperatures. It can be welded easily another reason for making it a preferred alloy.


Considering what monel is made of many people find themselves wondering is monel magnetic. The mixutre of metals that make up monel are magentic, leading many to believe monel is magnetic and others to wonder is monel magnetic. For those wondering is monel magnetic, they will be happy to know that it is magnetic. At room temperature this alloy is said to be slightly magnetic. This means that the magnetic capabilities of this alloy are not incredibly strong, but those wondering is monel magnetic finally have their answer.

Fields of Use

Monel is used in a variety of fields because of it’s durability. Aerospace fields utilize this allow mainly because of it’s resistance to heat. The friction experienced during flight was also resistant to monel. The oil field utilizes monel as well because of it’s resistance to many of the chemicals used in the oil field. Monel is highly resistant to sea water as well, making it the choice material in marine fields as well.

Monel is a useful for many reasons leading to its popularity. The usefulness coupled with it’s superior ability to withstand many elements which cause damage to other alloys means that it will continue to be used for years to come. Finding and using the right material that first time can eliminate the need for repairs later down the line. Choosing monel can offer that benefit along with others discussed above.

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