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Distractions Cost Money How To Help Your Workers Focus Better With A Soundproof Phone Booth

Work-related distractions are annoying. Not only do they leave workers frustrated and scattered, it costs businesses money.

Fortunately for you and your ambition, there’s a soundproof phone booth for that. The benefits of a carefully constructed soundproof office are nearly limitless. You can significantly reduce distractions for your workers and help them work more efficiently. You can eliminate frustration on behalf of your customers and help them leave with a more positive impression of your business. One by one, your office phone booth will knock away pesky problems and push your brand to a higher standing.

You don’t need to deal with the bare minimum anymore. Below are five benefits to the soundproof phone booth.

Keep Your Workers Calm And Focused All Day Long

Distractions are more expensive than you might think. A worker attempting to type up a letter or check e-mails can take far longer to complete basic tasks if their office is constantly being encroached upon. This can then affect their mood, leaving them fatigued and unable to concentrate. This then leads to an increased probability of mistakes, that of which will only affect people up and down the line. Very much a snowball effect, distractions are one of today’s biggest workplace issues — soundproofing an office has been found to improve worker concentration by nearly 50%.

Encourage A More Positive Impression From Customers

It’s not just workers who get hit with the side-effects of a poorly designed office booth. Customers will absolutely notice when their call is constantly interrupted or is of poor quality. A recent study found the number one reason people dislike calling companies is because they can’t speak to a real person. When they do speak to a real person and can barely hear them? You’re practically begging to lose customers at this point.

Reduce The Probability Of Interrupted Or Dropped Calls

The soundproof phone booth is designed to keep each and every last call as good as the last. Customers already don’t like calling companies enough as it is — one survey found consumers wait on hold for an average of 10 to 12 minutes before hanging up. Not only does soundproofing an office reduce work-related errors by 10%, it can also reduce conversational distractions by 50%. No more dropped calls means no more dropped customers. At the end of the day, everyone wins.

Gradually Attract More Loyal Customers

Businesses need to cultivate repeat customers if they’re to save money. This reduces outreach on your part and encourages more confidence in your consumer base. A recent study found around 35% of Americans stating they would switch companies after just one instance of poor customer service. Likewise, consistent customer service increases your chances of enjoying return business. The soundproof paint market and ergonomic phone booth office space is sitting at an impressive $200 million and is expected to grow by 30% every year.

Enjoy The Benefits Of A Soundproof Phone Booth Immediately

A soundproof phone booth is more than just economical. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, for your workers and your customers. Today over 70% of the American workforce (that’s 100 million people) are ‘knowledge workers’ — people who primarily work in open office environments teeming with noise. Phone booth office design that prioritizes better sound quality creates more focused workers. More focused workers means happier customers and more business revenue for you.

Reduce annoyances. Eliminate distractions. Look into how to soundproof an office room this year and watch your revenue soar.

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