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3 Signs of a Reputable Background Check Company

When you’re considering candidates to fill an opening in your organization, conducting a background check and drug screening is an important step in the hiring process. The company who performs these services for you must be reputable as well. Background Bureau offers three tips for spotting reliable background check and drug screening companies.

1. Check Their Credentials.

Reputable companies that provide pre-employment screening services should be accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). The NAPBS reviews all procedures and policies of background check and drug screening companies to ensure that their standards for verification, legal procedures, and protection of consumers are within compliance.

2. Make Sure They Follow Proper Protocol.

Make sure that the background check service you select strictly adheres to all procedures and regulations as outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when they conduct background checks. This also includes securing permission from the job candidate to perform the background check and offering the individual in question an opportunity to view the results obtained by the screening company.

3. They Can Quickly Provide the Services You Need.

The professional background screening company you select should offer you a full range of services to choose from. This allows for a more complete vetting process, which should include an online search, directly contacting former employers, and visits to courthouses. The search conducted should also verify and accurately report the job candidate’s criminal record, their education, professional licenses obtained, credit history, address, and references. The time frame for completing third party employment verification is generally two to five days.

Choosing a reliable company to perform background checks on prospective employees is a crucial part of your organization’s hiring process. Banks, retail stores, manufacturing companies are among the diverse types of businesses that can benefit from following these tips for spotting a reputable employment screening agency. By checking credentials carefully, ensuring that the agency adheres properly to FCRA protocols, and making certain that the agency can promptly provide the services your company has in mind, The company you hire will be the right one for your business.

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