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The Growing Importance Of Remote Work In The United States

In recent years, the average workplace has changed in a number of considerable ways, especially all throughout the United States. In many cases, technology has played a key role in these changes, helping to usher in progress and better work produced. Technology has also made life infinitely easier, both in the personal sense as well as in the professional one. For instance, access to technology, such as through a laptop and internet connection, is allowing more and more people to work from home.

Working from home, often providing a virtual service, has become more popular – and more possible – than ever before. In fact, more and more jobs are offering the chance for their employees to telecommute to work at least part of the time, trying out these different office solutions to see what works. The data more than backs this up, as well.

In fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject actually shows that more than one fifth of all employees – around 23% of them, to be just a bit more exact – are currently telecommuting to work and providing a virtual service at least part of the time. In addition to this, more than half of those who work in this way are looking to work more fully from home – or even just from a flexible office space. For those who provide some kind of virtual service, after all, telecommuting is often far more ideal than working from an office. After all, just about any given virtual service can be provided from just about anywhere, so long as the person in charge of providing this virtual service has a computer and a stable internet connection.

But why exactly has remote work become so popular? Why are so many of those who provide some sort of virtual service looking to do it outside of the traditional office, in one of the growing coworking spaces or even from their own home? For one thing, it saves a good deal of time and money both. After all, those who provide a virtual service from their own homes don’t need to worry about a commute in the way that those working from the typical furnished office space do. Likely because of this, at least in part, unscheduled absences are actually cut down by as much as a full 63% among employees who telecommute and work remotely providing some type of virtual service or even another type of work.

After all, about 60% of the time that they would have spent commuting can be used for working. This not only helps workers who provide a virtual service from home to feel more productive, but it takes out so much of the stress that can come about just from a daily commute. After all, just about every single form of commuting is stressful in some way, shape, or form.

If you drive a car, you’ll likely end up spending a good portion of your day just stuck in traffic. Not only can this be frustrating and stressful for many people, but it also takes a huge chunk of productive time out of the typical employee’s day. And this is far from the only problem with commuting to work. It’s costly as well, from paying for gas to even paying for public transportation. Working from home allows many employees to save more money, something that can very much benefit them at the end of the day. Therefore, working from home to provide a virtual service can be a win win situation for just about everyone who is involved in it, from the employer to the employee.

Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, working from home to provide a virtual service or even working from home in any number of other capacities has become more feasible than ever before. For many people, telecommuting to work and working remotely is far more appealing than going into an office every single day. Working from home can lower stress while increasing productivity, making it the ideal working situation for so many different people on the path of so many different careers and working for so many different and varied companies all throughout the United States.

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