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Archive for May 8th, 2019

Finding the Right Tools Supply Companies to Stock Your Machine Shop

Running or managing a machine shop is by no means an easy task. A lot of businesses depend squarely on machine shops for a steady supply of custom metal parts and providing your business customers with a high quality of work might involve investing in specialized machining tools and equipment that requires maintenance the right supplies in order to provide optimum functionality. In many cases, this can come down to finding the right suppliers for these tools and equipment. If you operate a machine shop, this is where you can really make some educated and insightful decisions in order to provide your business customers with a good quality of service and help them with pristine machine parts that are built to perfection. All you need is the right set of tools in order to make sure that your machine shop can churn out the good stuff.

When it comes to running and machine shop, you might need a lot of equipment that is central to the workflow. Machine shops typically use a lathe tool

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What is the Application of a Shut Off Pig Valve?

Gas and oil provide over 50 percent of the nation’s energy. In one year alone, the United States produced over 500 million metric tons of oil and over 700 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Both oil and gas are transported through hundreds of miles of pipelines. These pipelines must be carefully cleaned and maintained to make sure the oil and gas is pushed through safely. To help keep these pipelines clean, oil and gas companies employ something known as a “pig” to sweep through the pipeline and keep it clean and free of any possible obstructions.

In the pipeline industry, a “pig” is a cylindrical device featuring large discs (made of varying materials, but often rubber) that scrape against the sides of the pipe. This in turn creates a “squealing” sound reminiscent of a pig, hence the name of the device. A pig valve is a special type of high pressure valve that can, depending on the need, catch, release, or receive a pig. Pig valves, which include variations like a shut off pig

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