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A Good Business Sign Needs A Good Location Useful Tips To Bring Out The Most In Your Sign Presence

Without a good sign you might as well be fumbling in the dark.

That’s the nature of a world that’s swimming in new content and new competitors every day. Customers are exposed to over 30,000 new SKUs annually, which doesn’t so much as scratch the surface of all the advertisements, billboards, and flyers they come across. What are you to do against such a tide? Standing out in the pack means getting down and dirty with the art of signage. This is how you communicate what your business can offer at just a glance, invaluable for your business’s or establishment’s future.

Full color LED signs are fast becoming the modern option to an old solution. Let’s see what you could be missing.

Take Advantage Of Your Convenient Location

Physical businesses, listen closely. Failing to use your location to your advantage will cost you a lot of repeat customers, the secret ingredient to any successful brand. Not only do they provide you with a steady flow of business, they also reduce your need for constant marketing tactics. A study on the matter concluded 85% of a business’s customers, on average, either live or work within a five-mile radius of its location. Digital LED business signs situated nearby will help keep that interest flowing where it needs to.

Help Customers Find Your Business

Wait…wasn’t this part already covered? Not quite. Not only is a convenient location helpful for ongoing foot traffic, it’s also useful for making sure customers can just locate the physical building. An interesting study revealed up to 35% of people would not have discovered a business if not for the sign. Another one conducted by Best Buy found nearly 20% of its walk-in customers dropping by because of the nearby sign…now that’s some value you can trust.

Make Sure No Recent Events Are Missed

Even in today’s convenient digital age, not everyone is subscribed to a newsletter or looks forward to a magazine. That’s why it’s up to you to use LED signs that are constantly keeping recent information accessible. A poll reached out to people to better understand how they obtain limited-time information — around 60% of respondents over the age of 18 stated they learned about an event they wanted to attend from a billboard. Another 25% noted they either found a phone number or an address on an outside billboard. What kind of information are you imparting?

Save Money On Expensive Advertising

This can’t be overstated enough. Advertising is expensive enough without adding repeat charges to the list, many of which can seriously rack up over time. Today over 70% of people either frequently or occasionally look at messages on roadside billboards (which goes for both traditional and digital combined). As explored above, many wouldn’t even find a business without the sign. So how does it save you money? Alongside reducing outreach efforts, a recent study found the value of an on-site sign is the same as 24 full-page newspaper advertisements.

Talk To An LED Sign Company

There’s no reason to keep guessing. Full color LED signs are set to make their biggest impression yet, according to recent studies — once 2019 is wrapped up they’re estimated to achieve an impressive 55% penetration of the global lighting market. They hit the perfect middleground between flashy and modern, drawing the eye without seeming overblown. You can use full color LED signs for a marquee, a church, or your small business location. They even make an attractive option for local schools.

Take your business or establishment to the next level. Look into full color LED signs that bring out the best in your location.

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