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High Frequency Pulse Generators and Metering Products that Measure Liquids, Oils, and More

Many industries require the use of metering systems to properly distribute liquids and other solutions throughout valves, power cylinders, and pipelines. These include aviation and crude oil that help manage the steering of planes with differential control, along with the drilling of oil to be managed steadily in other locations. One of the systems that helps with metering and distribution is the high frequency pulse generator.

Digital Control Valves

With the many systems that include pipes and valves, there is a great benefit to having digital control valves that are able to measure fluid and pressure levels. Included in these are air eliminator valves, helping to keep only the liquid flow that is essential inside any power system. Within all of these, there is an amount of difference between various systems that require a great deal of balance, and the differential control is able to do this.

Different Meter Brands

Even more than the high frequency pulse generator are the meters that help with the measurement and distribution of liquids. One of the most common meters is the Brodie meter. Brodie International makes the Brodie meter, Brodie valve, and other parts that help with this same differential process. To date, many of these are now digital, helping to control the differential process and making the process much easier to read.

Additional Products that May Need Differential Control

While the high frequency pulse generator is a primary product that helps with differential control, there are many more. With other systems that require differential control, working in various industries, many different products are needed. Different meters exist all throughout other industries that help to maintain an equal flow rate through a pipe and other systems. Some of these include the following:

  • Displacement meters
  • Pipe strainers
  • Liquid flow meters
  • Vane flow meters
  • Gear meters
  • Inline pipe strainers

So many different industries and systems require the metering and distribution of liquids, oils, and other items, that products like the high frequency pulse generator are able to keep many things running safely. With so many different systems that require the benefits of differential control, there is much research to be done when searching for the proper differential. It could be a meter or possibly other items that are able to help maintain flow rates throughout any liquid flow system or power generating system.

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