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Archive for June 19th, 2019

Here is a Basic Overview of Dry Tumbling vs Wet Tumbling

When parts and items need to be finished, many times they are placed in tumbling drums with a mixture of abrasive material to be finished. This process is also known as barrel finishing, since the tumbling drums can also be referred to as barrels due to their shape and resemblance to barrels. There are two basic types of barrel finishing; these are known as dry tumbling and wet tumbling. Depending on a variety of factors, tumbling, wet or dry, can take anywhere between 6 to 24 hours. These processes are similar with some key differences between them. This article will briefly look at some of the key differences between dry tumbling and wet tumbling.

  • Wet Tumbling Uses Water: As the name implies, wet tumbling uses a wet mixture to finish the products placed inside the barrel. Once the barrel is loaded with products that needed to be finished, several inches of water are added to the barrel. This barrel is then combined with an abrasive material that mixes with the water and

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Remote Work Options for Single Parents

A combination of the Internet and telephones allow American employees to work with flexible hours from home if they so choose, as well as work in a modern office. Although invented over a century apart, these two technologies are both central to how an employee reaches out to customers, consumers, and business clients alike, and this may greatly impact their company’s sales. Customer service jobs, inbound sales call positions, dispatcher positions, and more can be done at home, and many Americans like to work with flexible hours. Someone who wants to (or must) work with flexible hours may work from home as an insurance agent, just for one example, or find online writing jobs or even work as a blogger in some cases. Independent contractors often do this, and they may work with flexible hours as they like. Some independent contractors, in fact, may wor

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Keep Your Smoke Stack Maintained with Industrial Chimney Contractors

Running or managing any kind of industrial plant involves being able to accomplish certain basic necessities in a manner that is safe and efficient. If you are a plant manager, it is likely that you already understand and appreciate the importance of being able to exhaust spent air from your plant in a way that is efficient and effective. A lot of industrial processes can give rise to gaseous byproducts which need to be exhausted out of the facility properly. Industrial chimneys and smoke stacks are often used for this purpose. However, they need to be set up, operated and maintained the right way.

Industrial chimneys and smoke stacks have been in use for decades, allowing plants to exhaust gaseous material out of the facilities in a controlled way. A large number of plants and manufacturing facilities still use these structures to great effect. If you have a chimney or smoke stack in your plant or are planning to install one, there can be a number of factors that you would need

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