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3 Important Metal Manufacturing Processes

There’s no doubt that many companies in the United States manufacture goods. In fact, research shows that manufacturing contributes almost $2.17 trillion to the United States’ economy. One study even found that, if taken as a stand alone entity, the United States’ manufacturing industry would be the eighth largest country in the world. Considering that, it’s important to ensure you understand a few important manufacturing methods. Here are three main types of machining processes.

  1. Turning

    It’s understandable to feel confused in regards to the meaning of turning. This process involves the use of a wide range of workpieces. For instance, you’ll often see companies using facing, roughing, and finishing tools. These tools each have differing edges, providing various types of cuts in work materials. During the turning process, work material rotates and a tool runs alongside this rotating item. Before turning materials, you’ll need to decide whether to do this manually or automatically.
  2. Rolling

    If you’re looking for a cost efficient way to form materials, consider using a chipless machining method. Considering that, one of the most popular chipless machining methods is rolling. By rolling metal, you’ll be able to form this material without having to deal with metal chips. In most cases, rolling involves sending workpieces through industrial rollers. These machines press and roll material at the same time, forming it without creating a mess.
  3. Burnishing

    Many materials good through several stages before they’re complete. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider burnishing your work materials. Using a burnishing tool for metal means applying pressure to this material. In turn, this cold forming process can increase surface hardness by up to 100%. If you’re looking for increased surface hardness and a smooth finish, burnish your materials. Considering that, many companies choose to use roller burnishing tools.

To summarize, there are many types of manufacturing methods. If you want your company to complete these methods, you’re going to need tools from a high quality vendor. Considering that, it’s important to ensure you’re ordering these tools from a reliable company. This allows your company to rely on quality tools. In turn, your company’s focus on quality helps ensure you create high quality products for your customers.

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