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Custom Blow Molding Takes Eco-Friendliness To A New Level Changing Your Bottle Design For The Future

The way your business approaches plastic will the set the stage for everything else.

For how much money you make in a month, for how many more customers you’re able to bring in. Recycling plastic bottles — or any type of plastic product — is a feature that is becoming indispensable to the modern business. Doing it right, however, means turning to manufacturers that are just as invested in the future as you are. A custom plastic bottle maker can help you kill two birds with one stone. Not only will recycling plastic bottles be a breeze, you can use less plastic in the first place.

If you’re unfamiliar with the advent of the blow molding machine, read on. The future depends on ingenuity and bottle companies are at the forefront.

Plastic is viewed by many to be a troubling element, clogging up the ocean and giving many countries a health crisis to manage. It’s also a major boon if you use your resources right. Today the American plastics industry employs around one million workers, contributing over $375 billion to the economy. It’s estimated Americans use two and a half million plastic bottles every hour…which is just a scratch on the surface of general plastic use. Blow molding plastic, needless to say, is a smart way of cutting into these numbers.

Injection molding is far from a new form of technology. It’s simply been perfected and honed to a mirror sheen. You can find injection molding and plastic manufacturing facilities throughout the country in all 50 states — that’s over 15,000 facilities to choose from when you want to save money. Overall, the American plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry. The year 2013 alone saw around 105 billion pounds of plastics and resins manufactured, a notable increase from the previous year.

There’s good reason to start rethinking how you approach things. Scientists recently estimated there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean over just a few decades. This is on top of mounting frustrations concerning plastic waste in landfills, communities, and the environment at large. The world both makes and consumes over 600 billion pounds of plastic every year, with the market growing at a consistent 5%. Recycling plastic bottles is set to become the standard out of pure necessity, not novelty.

What makes custom blow molding so effective is how it gets to the root of the problem. Plastic is a highly flexible and useful resource — it can simply be used more efficiently. Today bottles and containers comprise around 55% of HDPE packaging products (40% of all HDPE products) and have done a lot of work to displace heavier metal and glass packages. Just two pounds of plastic are able to deliver 1,300 ounces of a beverage. Compare this to eight pounds of steel or 40 pounds of glass.

Bottle companies are able to shave down this already impressive figure even further. A standard blow molding machine uses three major parts to create custom shapes — you have the extruder, accumulator die, and the molds in which bottles are processed. Manufacturing companies are able to choose between extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. According to a study by the National Association For PET Container Resources, over 5,000 million pounds of PET bottles and jars could be recycled in 2013. Imagine what you could do with just a few adjustments.

Recycling plastic bottles is best done with custom designs. Talk to a blow molding plastic company about adding your own personal touch to environmental friendliness.

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