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Archive for July 27th, 2019

What Are Your Greatest Landscaping and Green Space Maintenance Issues?

The lace like leaf landed on the sidewalk, and at first glance appeared to be a work of beauty. When you realized that this leaf was only one of hundreds, you realized that rather than being beautiful it was a problem. This laced look was created by Japanese beetles and if you do not want the rest of the trees and flowers on your property destroyed you need to find a solution.
You are used to a garden that you curate yourself. A little sanctuary that usually exceeds your expectations, but when you face a difficult intruder it is often important to seek professional services. You are aware of the pitfalls, beauty, timing, and colors of landscaping projects. You know how tentative nature’s character can be and you are familiar with its enemies. As a result, in your newest landscape you have only a few expectations. A somewhat difficult, yet profound and beautiful place to sit, you simply want to find comfort in this space that you have created.

Beauty that is fragile and hard to

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What Are the Greatest Cleaning Challenges You Face?

Sunday required you to clean up animal messes in the house after your 25 year old brother appeared to have completely neglected the animals for the last 36 hours. Your parents were out of town on a week long vacation and you were away for the first part of the weekend. The plan was that your older brother, who for some reason is still living at home, to be at the house. That did not happen.
Monday required you to clean up the family business, a sports bar after that same older brother appeared to have completely neglected the end of the night tasks when the business closed on Saturday night. Closed on Sunday, when you showed up for work on Monday morning you were frustrated. The plan is always that the Saturday night crew takes care of the cleaning tasks. That did not happen.
Tuesday required you to do some cleaning as well. On this day, however, the task, although still messy at times, was different. After your oldest sister had a minor surgery she was not able to lift more th

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