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Archive for July 28th, 2019

Benefits of Using Dry Ice for Cleaning in Food Processing Plants

Any commercial cleaning company will advocate using dry ice for cleaning sensitive machines parts in food processing industries. Dry ice blasting is a safe method for effectively cleaning machines delicately aside from normal cleaning. It was patented in 1995 as a cleaning and polishing method

It is also a great alternative to other forms of blast cleaning like soda and sandblasting because it is cheaper and more practical to use. It also doesn’t ruin equipment and mechanical parts like chemical cleaning or manual scrubbing.

For these reasons and more, most industries that deal with consumables opt for dry ice blasting for most of their heavy cleaning. This article will highlight some key benefits of using dry ice for cleaning in food processing plants.

Benefits of Dry Ice for Food Processing Facilities

1. Non-Toxic

In an industry centered on the health and safety of consumers, any toxic substance in products could spell doom for an entir

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The Right Towers and Digital Displays for the Job

For many different industries and businesses, it is very important to have the correct displays on hand for advertising and directing people to nearby services and attractions. These range from business signs such as deli meat signs or custom retail displays all the way to digital kiosks, brochure display racks, and digital towers, too. Digital towers are most often used in airport towers, while display stands, digital signage, posters, and more are used to advertise products or entice customers to enter a business or store to make a purchase. Attractive, meaningful signs and displays may easily draw in crowds, and kiosks can be very helpful for a hospital patient or carnival guest who needs some directions.

Kiosks and Digital Towers

A kiosk is a display area that helps guide people to local services or features, and such kiosks may either have electronic screens or paper items

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