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3 Creative Ways To Use Colored Dot Stickers In Your Workplace

Color coding stickers have numerous benefits when it comes to keeping organized in the workplace. Colored dot stickers in particular are great for organizing papers, folders, and anything else that needs to be sorted for easy access. Here are 3 ways to incorporate colored dot stickers into your workplace.

3 Creative Ways To Use Colored Dot Stickers

  • Adding Stars. Adding a different colored star sticker can help differentiate different types of files and their level of importance. If your working with client orders, gold stars on red stickers can indicate a high priority, while silver stars on green color circle stickers can indicate the lowest priority. This helps keep things organized, while ensuring that all orders can be met in a time efficient fashion.
  • Different Size Colored Dot Stickers. Using contrasting colors of dots can also help differentiate levels of importance, specific departments, or client types, easily. Working with your team you can decide on different colors for specific departments so that files can easily be labeled with the appropriate stickers and delivered to who needs them. If two departments need the same file adding a smaller circle on top of the larger color can signify who it needs to be passed on to. This helps prevent information from being lost, and cuts down on the time it takes for orders or client files to be handled.
  • Writing. If you don’t want to get too complex with your color coding, you can also feel free to just write on the color coding dot stickers. Abbreviations, department numbers, client or order types, and needed dates, can help you easily identify what you need at a glance, as opposed to sifting through files or sticky notes.

Color coding dot stickers are an easy way to easily organize and sort through everything you need at work. It also helps cut down on communication errors, and allows everyone to stay on the same page when it comes to files and orders. This doesn’t just help alleviate stress, but it can improve overall efficiency and allow everyone to complete tasks quicker and with a lower margin of error.

If you’re looking for a way to improve organization in your workplace, investing in simple colored circle labels is a good way to get started. Their cost effective, simple, and easy to use. Working with your team, you can come up with unique color abbreviations to represent the different things that need to be communicated, so that everything can be located and divided easily.

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