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Liquid Powder Coating What Is It, And How Can It Be Used?

If you don’t know about liquid powder coating, you probably will soon if you work in the industrial sector. It’s estimated that, on a global level, the powder coatings market value will rise to $12.48 billion by 2020. From 2015 to 2021, it’s believed that the coating industry demand will grow by an average of 3% each year. Liquid powder coatings function — like sandblasting and other techniques — as part of the industrial finishing sphere. In fact, there are few alternatives to liquid powder coatings that can offer the same degree of flexibility and durability. However, many remain uneducated about the benefits of liquid powder coatings in comparison to their alternatives. This is perhaps in part because a liquid coating can be a bit difficult to understand — some steer clear of them simply because they’re a bit difficult to compare to more traditional finishing techniques.

With that being said, we’re confident that once you understand how powder coatings work, it will be clear that this technique is superior — and will provide the finishings required for industrial products.

What Are Powder Coatings?

To begin with, what are powder coatings, and how do they set themselves apart from other types of industrial finishings? Powder coatings are made from polymer resin systems, and are combined with curative, pigments, and other ingredients, some of which act as binding agents. After these ingredients are mixed together, they can take the form of dry powder coatings, or liquid powder coatings. One of the advantages of using a liquid powder coating over a dry powder coating is that it is easier to get an even layer of a liquid powder coating. Depending on the product that is being finished, it may even be possible to dip it entirely in the liquid powder coating. The coating will then dry and harden. Other liquid coatings may be offered as alternatives, but a powder coating is made without solvents. They are considered 100% solid, and have negligible volatile organic compound emissions. This makes them more environmentally friendly than their alternatives, adding to their appeal.

What Are Powder Coatings Used For?

Another advantage of using a powder coating is that it can be applied to a number of different products. As mentioned previously, different pigments can be mixed into powder coatings, which means that they can come in a variety of different colors. These coatings therefore are not simply functional. They can function as protection and decoration all at once. This means that powder coatings have remarkably diverse applications. It’s very likely that many products that you’ve already used or come into contact with have had these types of coatings. The products with powder coatings remain attractive to the eye, but don’t lose their durability.

How Strong Is A Liquid Powder Coating?

Of course, the primary concern regarding liquid powder coatings is its durability, as is the case with any finishing product. Powder coating is made to be resistant to erosion, as well as ultraviolet rays, moisture, and chemicals. Additionally, it can resist scratches, as well as abrasion and chipping. It is meant to withstand fading as well, in terms of appearance. The ultimate purpose of this product is that it is meant to last for years — as many household products are finished with powder coatings, it should be durable without requiring maintenance. Of course, when this coating is applied to more industrial products, like machinery, it can be “touched up” if need be.

Liquid powder coatings bond remarkably to metal equipment — therefore, it can be seen in the automotive industry, as well as the construction industry. However, it can just as easily be used when coating household appliances. The diversity of this finishing product, as well as its attractive appearance and durability, mean that it should be, when applicable, the first choice in the finishing industry.

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