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Navigating the World of Used Inductotherm Induction Furnaces

If your business is looking to replace its induction furnace, there are several options you might consider, and like with any major purchase, used Inductotherm induction furnaces can save you money while still getting you a machine with decades left in its service life. However, like with any major purchase, it’s important not to jump into a purchase without doing your research. Make sure you ask the right questions to keep yourself from buying a machine whose repairs may outstrip its value in short order. Here are some things to know when purchasing used Inductotherm induction furnaces.

Know the Difference Between Used, Refurbished, Repaired, and Re-Manufactured

In looking for an induction melting furnace, it’s important to know the difference between the different terminologies put forth by the retailer. Not all previous owners maintain the same level of care for their equipment, which means that resale operations may have to undertake varying levels of repairs before selling the unit. Any reputable reseller will service equipment with the belief that extending the service life of the material is the responsible way to recycle machinery, and that each new unit should be repaired and customized to meet the new user’s needs. This is where used and repaired machinery comes in. However, used Inductotherm induction furnaces that have been purchased at auction can not necessarily just be repaired in order to get them into working order. These machines must go through a refurbishing or re-manufacturing process in order to make sure that they are back to factory standards and ready to be used by the next company.

Will Your Retailer Accept Trade-Ins?

If you’re looking to trade in your existing induction furnace, it’s important to ask whether your retailer will accept existing machinery as a trade-in toward a newer model. Because many resellers are looking to increase the value of the machinery on their lot, many will accept existing equipment as a trade in order to offset the cost of new machinery. If this is something you’re interested in, it’s also important to ask whether your retailer will haul your old equipment away, or if you’ll be expected to take care of that process yourself.

What is the Cost You’re Willing to Pay?

As with any major purchase, your budget will ultimately determine what route toward the purchase of a new steel melting furnace is right for you. However, it’s important not to keep your focus so narrow that you only take the cost of the furnace into account. Remember that there are other factors in play, such as whether a retailer is willing to provide service to the product, how sure you can be of the inspection of the furnace before you purchase it, and how much money you’ll need to spend on spare parts in order to make sure the furnace is up and running efficiently. A used Inductotherm melting furnace you found at an auction might seem like an attractive purchase, but you might wind up spending more than the cost of the furnace on unseen repairs before you have a chance to use it, resulting in lost time and hampered productivity.

What Kind of Furnace Are You Looking For?

In a previous article, we discussed different types of furnaces: channel induction vs. coreless induction vs. the historic crucible induction. The type of alloy, iron, and steel melting your business is undertaking will ultimately affect the type of induction furnace it makes sense for you to purchase, so make sure to take stock of your needs and narrow your search accordingly.

There are plenty of high-quality used Inductotherm induction furnaces on the market, available from a variety of retailers. By doing your research and making sure that you’re walking into a deal with a clear head, you can ensure that you’ll be purchasing a used piece of machinery that can provide you reliable service for years to come.

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