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Archive for August 14th, 2019

Is Everything a Test?

The district administrators indicated they wanted to stress the fundamental purpose of the beginning of the year tests. Just as engineers check for precise tension load cells and various kinds of sensors, classroom teachers help districts assess beginning of the year skills. Leveled a Tier 1 assessment, it, like Tier I load cell tests, provide an initial reading to refer back to at later dates. The results of initial tests guide next steps and provide a way to measure growth. All leaders, both in schools and in factories, want to determine baseline readings. and while a school is obviously focused on individual student information, there are also times when engineers need individual information about different machines.

There Are Various Reasons That Tests Are Important
With the gathering of timely information to assist with additional support, engineers are able to make sure that they are running a safe and efficient plant. By identifying specific testing norms enginee

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5 Reasons Why Business Benefit From Partnering With Digital Marketing Services

In today’s market it’s important to take advantage of digital advertising. With more and more consumers spending time online, businesses are turning towards digital marketing in order to boost sales and bring in new customers.

If your business has been looking for a way to increase sales and reach consumers online, here are a few reasons why partnering with a digital marketing service can help you reach this goal.

The Benefits Of Working With Digital Marketing Services

A couple of the biggest benefits advertising services provide, as opposed to an in-house marketer, can include:

  • More Skills. One of the most common reasons why businesses turn to a digital marketing service is because they can have access to an entire team with a wide variety of skills. This is especially beneficial for smaller businesses who may not be able to afford to hire their own in-house team. Typically these teams will consist of a developer, social media ma

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Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Torque Sensor

Technicians working in manufacturing companies with rotating machines come across rotating forces daily. The circular force, commonly known as torque, needs to be measured using torque measurement products to come up with an equation that will generate the required force.

To come up with optimum force, torque sensors and torque analyzers are used. However, not every person is equipped with sufficient technical knowledge to buy a measurement sensor. This article highlights some of the factors individuals should consider when buying torque sensors.

1. Types of Torque Sensors

There are several types of sensors that are used to measure torque. All the types of sensors used out there in the industry have their benefits and demerits. Therefore, before choosing a sensor, you have to analyze whether it will measure as you expected. Reaction torque sensors offe

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Five Ways Churches Can Benefit From LED Lighting

Whether you’re a regular churchgoer or you just go on major holidays, chances are your eye always catches your church marquee sign.

There are some days when the message is simple. Maybe it says “Jesus Saves.” Maybe whoever changes out the message is good with puns and wordplay and comes up with something clever to put in that space. Maybe the message is a Psalm that has something to do with what the pastor’s sermon will be about that week.

No matter what the message is, the fact is that a church marquee sign catches people’s attention, in the same way a billboard on the highway catches a driver’s attention. Reach Right Studios finds that people attend church for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s to grow closer to God (81%), to become a better person (68%), introducing faith to their children (69%) or to find some measure of personal comfort (66%). As they enter a church, the church marquee sign is hard to miss, the same as a billboard. In fact, it’s estimated t

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The Many Uses of Sheet Metal and Alloys

Metal is certainly one of the most important construction materials that humanity has ever used, and in fact several prehistoric ages are named after the common metals used at the time. The Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Copper Age may come to mind. But today’s metalworking is more advanced than anything in those bygone eras, and some metals may even be combined to form alloys. Steel mills may create thin steel sheets for wholesale purchases, and copper and brass alloys may be available, too. Thin aluminum strips may also be bought by factories that produce electronic goods or car parts, and stainless steel is popular for making car parts, surgical equipment, and even forks and knives. What about more specialized metals such as AMS 5510 and the like? Today’s demanding applications for metal call for equally tough materials to handle the job.

Steel and it Many Uses

Steel is refined iron, an

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