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5 Top Reasons Businesses Are Choosing VoIP

Over the years, technological advancements have made it possible for businesses of all sizes to enhance efficiency, save more money, and conduct business much more easily. Among the most popular choices for companies doing the installation of voice and data cabling is VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP business systems allow people to make calls using their internet connection.

Some VoIP services let you make calls to only people subscribed to VoIP, while others allow calls to people regardless of whether they’re subscribers to the same service, are using a different VoIP provider, or are calling using an ordinary phone. With VoIP, you can make local, long-distance or international calls.

Are you still using one of the older types of business phone systems? Here are six benefits your business can gain after the installation of voice and data cabling.

VoIP is Cheaper

When you run a business, one of the expenses you cannot avoid is telephone bills. With a VoIP business system, you can drastically reduce the amount you spend on business calls. After replacing your traditional phone line with VoIP, you should realize a 20 to 50% drop in your monthly phone bill.

For businesses that make numerous calls, the savings made through the installation of voice and data cabling can be huge, given that VoIP provides lower calling rates. You also don’t need to worry about installing new features for every office in your business. All you need is an internet connection to make calls.

Setting up VoIP is Easy

Unlike most traditional business phone systems that need you to install extra switching boards, wires, and phone connections, setting up a VoIP connection is incredibly easy. For some VoIP systems, you only need to download VoIP software to your computer. For others, you need to install a small adaptor to your current phone system. The adapter converts analog voice signals to digital signals and sends them over the internet.

After the successful installation of voice and data cabling, you can gain access to app or web-based management systems that helps you to manage your VoIP effectively. With such light and efficient management tools for VoIP, you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money running the system.

You Get A Lot More Than Just Voice Calls

While the primary reason for the installation of voice and data cabling is to enjoy cheaper voice calls, VoIP provides other essential features like video conferencing, video calls, and screen sharing. In case, you have staff out in the field, or the working environment is too noisy, you can make use of the chat feature that’s integrated into many VoIP services.

With traditional phone systems, you have to pay extra fees for such essential features as call display, call forwarding, call holding and fax lines. These services are included in the products of most VoIP providers at no extra fees. In short, you get a wider range of communication with VoIP at cheaper rates.

VoIP is More Highly Scalable

Since VoIP business systems use the internet for making calls and sending data, it’s a lot easier to expand them. Adding new lines or removing unwanted ones is as easy as clicking a button. When your business is growing, it’s very easy to scale your VoIP connections.

With traditional phone systems, this level of scalability is difficult to achieve.

There’s More Productivity

With all the features that come with a VoIP phone system, the level of productivity in your business automatically increases. Your staff can make calls, hold virtual meetings, share important documents or even conduct video conferences without ever needing to leave the desk.

With all this efficiency, your employees have a lot of time at their disposal that they can use to do more work for the business.

Integrating VoIP into your business comes with a lot of benefits. With lower phone expenses, an easy installation process, many extra features, and a high level of flexibility, VoIP business systems are a sure way to boost the bottom line of any company.

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