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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning What Are Its Benefits

Cleanliness is paramount in any industrial environment but mostly for food and industry processing facilities. The CDC puts the amount of Americans that get sick from food contamination as one in every six people. With that in mind, it is exceedingly important to carry out the best hygienic practices to prevent cases of illness among their customers

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for Industrial Setups

Dry ice blasting is the most feasible method for surface and equipment cleaning in factories. This method is fast, convenient, and environmentally sustainable cleaning technique that has broad applications in many facets of industries. The method is also chemical and water-free, making it advantageous for your machines and factory workers too while guaranteeing environmentally sustainable cleaning.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for Factories and Industries

Factories stand to benefit greatly from seeking dry ice blasting cleaning services for their deep cleaning. Some of the key benefits of dry ice blast cleaning include:-

1. Faster and More Efficient

Time is a crucial aspect of production in manufacturing and processing industries. As such, deep cleaning can become very disruptive to normal factory operations, and significantly decrease the factory’s productivity. Dry ice blasting, however, is a very fast and efficient cleaning method that utilizes frozen carbon pellets that hit surfaces at very high speeds and sublimate on contact.

Unlike other cleaning methods, you won’t need to disassemble and reassemble machine parts or cover them with waterproof coatings and liners. You also don’t have to do any secondary cleaning to clear the residue from cleaning because the pellets disappear on contact. Overall, cleaning with dry ice blasting is faster and more convenient than other methods and could save factories a great deal of time.

2. No Secondary Waste from Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning has no by-product after the cleaning concludes. This makes it an environmentally sustainable cleaning method that is also very cost-effective. Unlike other cleaning methods, you don’t have to spend additional money disposing the residue after cleaning. Since dry ice sublimates on contact, it lifts off the muck, grease and grime from surfaces which can you can easily pick or wipe off. Other methods combine the residue with cleaning media, which results in a higher volume of secondary waste that you’ll need to discard.

3. Safe for Cleaning Electrical Components

Cleaning around cables, circuit boards, motors, and other electrical equipment could be pretty challenging. Water and other liquids could cause short circuits and even accidental fires in more severe cases. Blasting with sand, beads, or grit, on the other hand, could cause severe damage to electrical parts and then lead to electrical failure or costly repairs. With dry ice cleaning, dry carbon pellets that hit the surface disappear on contact without entering the liquid state. The absence of any liquid means there is no electrical conduction making it safe for cleaning around electrical components.

4. An Environmentally Sustainable Cleaning Solution

Dry Ice Cleaning is free from any chemical substances that may harm the environment. Carbon dioxide in its solitary state is an inert substance that condenses into the atmosphere. It is, therefore, safe for both the environment and factory workers. What’s more, the dry ice cleaning companies can do the cleaning in the presence of the workers, so they don’t interfere with normal factory operations. The factories, also won’t have to dispose of residue from cleaning on the environment.

5. Safe for Food and Beverage Factories

Dry ice cleaning is chemical-free and has no secondary waste that may accidentally contaminate food and beverages. For this reason, dry ice blast cleaning is arguably the best cleaning method for factories in the line of food and drinks production. The extremely cool temperature of the carbon pellets also helps eliminate harmful disease-causing bacteria like salmonella and listeria.

Industries and factories stand to benefit immensely from dry ice blasting over other factory cleaning methods. Dry ice blast cleaning services are readily available everywhere at the client’s convenience.

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