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Five Ways Churches Can Benefit From LED Lighting

Whether you’re a regular churchgoer or you just go on major holidays, chances are your eye always catches your church marquee sign.

There are some days when the message is simple. Maybe it says “Jesus Saves.” Maybe whoever changes out the message is good with puns and wordplay and comes up with something clever to put in that space. Maybe the message is a Psalm that has something to do with what the pastor’s sermon will be about that week.

No matter what the message is, the fact is that a church marquee sign catches people’s attention, in the same way a billboard on the highway catches a driver’s attention. Reach Right Studios finds that people attend church for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s to grow closer to God (81%), to become a better person (68%), introducing faith to their children (69%) or to find some measure of personal comfort (66%). As they enter a church, the church marquee sign is hard to miss, the same as a billboard. In fact, it’s estimated that 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards (both traditional and digital) and it’s a safe bet the numbers are similar for church marquee signs all across America.

If your church changes its marquee sign quite frequently, but is looking to add something more, LED signs and LED lighting can be just the thing you need. No longer just the latest trend, LED lights are fast becoming the standard for the global lighting market and offer a wide array of benefits whether you need them for school signs, municipal signs, church marquee signs or other needs.

When using LED lights, the benefits are numerous and they’ll make it so that your church marquee sign is always noticed:

  • Long Life: It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a church marquee sign, a school sign, a business storefront sign or a billboard, LED lights are one of the best investments to make right now. Why? They last forever. A typical LED bulb has approximately 50,000 hours of life, they shine much brighter than even CFL lights and you never have to worry about them once they are installed. This will save time and a lot of frustration you get from traditional light bulbs or CFLs.
  • Saving energy: If your church is trying to become more eco-friendly, LED lights save a lot of energy. They last long a long time and can help modernize your church while also cutting down on energy costs.
  • Shining bright: If you’re replacing lighting in signs for churches, you want new lights shining bright. LED lights do just that. LED lights convert nearly 100% of energy into light, compared to about 10% for your (now) old-fashioned light bulb.
  • LED lights are eco-friendly. As previously mentioned, LED lightbulbs are very eco-friendly and churches can do their part to help the environment by installing LED lighting.
  • Durability: Not only are LED bulbs longer lasting and brighter shining, they hold up over time and are easier to install because they aren’t made of glass. With all the lighting required in some churches, that’s going to make things a lot easier, especially in hard to reach places where replacing lighting can be a pain.

If you’re looking to make your church marquee sign stand out, LED lights can help. LED lights work rain or shine, so you never have to worry about lights going out in harsh weather. It also means that at nighttime, your church marquee is going to be standing proud and bright for all to see. You can remind churchgoers of important Bible lessons, important calendar dates or even congratulations to members of the congregation.

Regardless of how they are being used, LEDs are environmentally safe, brighter, very durable, long lasting and are easily controlled in all kinds of weather and environments. They can be very beneficial in school signs, church signs and just about anywhere else you’re looking to draw people’s attention, but most especially with churchgoers.

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