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Here are 3 Advantages of the Hydroseeding Process

Hydroseeding is a process that has been around for a number of years. With hydroseeding technologies, a process combines seed, mulch, fertilizer, and healthy soil amendments with water to form a thick, green slurry. This slurry is then applied with pressure to the surface for seed germination and turf development. This slurry quickly sprouts to form hydrograss wherever it is applied. Hydroseeding, as a general rule, takes place towards the end of a construction project, when the time has come to re-seed large areas of land that were cleared for the project. There are several advantages of hydroseeding as opposed to using traditional rolls of sod, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • New Grass Will Grow Quickly: One of the advantages of hydroseeding is that, once applied to the ground, the new grass will begin to grow very quickly. Once applied by hydroseeding companies, new grass should start to grow within seven days. New grassy areas should be well established within three to four weeks of application. By contrast, rolls of sod can take weeks of watering just to get established into the ground, and there’s no guarantee the sod will survive and grow.
  • The Hydroseeding Mixture Doesn’t Take Long to Apply: Another of the advantages of hydroseeding is that the mixture doesn’t take long to apply to the ground. The commercial hydroseeding slurry that will eventually grow into new grass is applied to the ground with equipment that sprays the mixture out at a high degree of pressure. This ensures that a lot of area is covered quickly and evenly.
  • Hydroseeding Only Needs a Few People to Apply It: And finally, a third advantage of hydroseeding is that the process only needs a few people to apply it. While putting down rolls of sod over a large area can take a large crew of people, hydroseeding really only needs a few people to spray down the area that’s going to be filled with grass.

In conclusion, there are several advantages of hydroseeding. These advantages include: the new grass will grow and establish itself very quickly, the hydroseeding mixture doesn’t take very long to apply to the ground, and hydroseeding only needs a few people for the application process. These are just a few of the advantages of the hydroseeding process.

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