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Is Everything a Test?

The district administrators indicated they wanted to stress the fundamental purpose of the beginning of the year tests. Just as engineers check for precise tension load cells and various kinds of sensors, classroom teachers help districts assess beginning of the year skills. Leveled a Tier 1 assessment, it, like Tier I load cell tests, provide an initial reading to refer back to at later dates. The results of initial tests guide next steps and provide a way to measure growth. All leaders, both in schools and in factories, want to determine baseline readings. and while a school is obviously focused on individual student information, there are also times when engineers need individual information about different machines.

There Are Various Reasons That Tests Are Important
With the gathering of timely information to assist with additional support, engineers are able to make sure that they are running a safe and efficient plant. By identifying specific testing norms engineers are prepared to make adjustments when numbers are out of range.

Fortunately, safety brochures and other resources help engineers not only check for standard torque measurements and tension link load cell ranges, but also provide troubleshooting options and other kinds of solutions.
In planning for testing, the most valid scores are those in which all testing sessions look as similar as possible. How a testing sessions looks includes how testing is approached: schedules, time restraints, and reading reports.

During the actual testing it is sometimes necessary to completely shut down operations. At other times, the tests are actually run at the peak times of operation. Consider some of these facts and figures about specifics that are a part of the daily, weekly, and monthly testing that engineers perform to make sure that all kinds of facilities are running as efficiently as possible:

  • A single crack can cause major problems in many industrial settings. For this reason an electrochemical fatigue crack sensor system can detect cracks in the field as small as 0.01 inches in an actual structure.
  • Custom torque sensors exceeding the calibration limit are exercised to their nominal capacity, but are only calibrated to 360,000 pounds per inch.
  • Torque sensor and load cell units are designed to operate within a wide temperature range of -452 degrees F to 450 degrees F.
  • ISO9000 and many other standards specify the maximum period of time that should pass between recalibration as once every two years. Often these tests are completed more frequently if the instrument deterioration is significant during that period. the sis a number that typically is not allowed to succeed more than 1%.
  • As part of a weighing system, load cells are frequently used because they offer non-intrusive, highly accurate load measurement data.
  • When properly installed and calibrated, load cells achieve routine accuracies near 0.03% to 1%, depending on the type of load cell.

When using a computer for readings and testings, it is essential that all engineers and supervisors are well trained. Without the proper training, obviously, the test results will not be accurate and will be of no help in monitoring consistency or safety regulations. Once trained, those doing the testing need to be required to log into the computers with their normal information. The use of generic testing credentials, does not allow for those reading the tests to track down any inconsistencies or variances.

There are also specific procedures that are in place to make sure that the testing is done at the required times and with a careful attention to the details that are required for many of the tests. When a tester records that data that is merely rapid sequences it is very likely that those tests were not administered in the right time frame or that some other problem testing situation occurred. For example, after three consecutive tests the system will notify the overbite team that a questionable testing situation has occurred and that the situation may merit a site visit. This system notifies the site proctor in real time so that the problem can be remedied as soon as possible. In some cases, the testing screen will pause, and overbite team manager will be provided a PIN number to unlock the testing computer. This requires, of course, that managers should monitor the oversite screen when testing is in process.

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