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Why You Need a Spray Foam Trailer

If you’re going to use any type of spray foam equipment, you’ve got to have a spray foam trailer. The right rig will keep equipment lasting longer and operating better. Insulation is absolutely essential in all construction, and that’s why it’s so important to keep spray foam equipment working at peak functionality.

Why a Spray Foam Trailer Matters

Spray foam insulation is one of the best ways to seal air leaks and prevent energy loss. Foam insulation is a popular option for property owners of all types, and customers in both residential and commercial sectors will want to use this option. A spray foam insulating rig is very costly machinery, but it’s also an investment. Owning a spray foam insulating rig eliminates the need for renting spray foam equipment.

Consider purchasing a spray foam trailer to avoid all rental costs. Having a trailer and the rig means you’ll have everything you need to provide spray foam insulation in any building for any customer, and there will be no rental or equipment costs to pay. This eliminates a lot of expense.

Spray Foam Insulation

Up to 40 percent of the total energy loss of a building is due to poor air filtration. According to the EPA’s Energy Star Program, properly sealing up leaks and adding insulation can lower monthly energy bills by 20 percent. The cost of controlling temperature can really add up, especially for buildings that are losing energy due to poor insulation.

The Department of Energy says that more than half of all energy used in homes, around 56 percent, is used for cooling and heating. In fact, if commercial buildings improved their energy efficiency by just 10 percent, it would add up to a savings of about $40 billion. That’s right: $40 billion! The combined yearly cost for commercial and industrial buildings in the U.S. adds up to about $400 billion, so that’s huge savings.

Spray foam insulation is an extremely effective way to prevent energy loss and seal leaks. The spray foam gun can go anywhere to add insulation to the smallest nooks and crannies. Spray foam insulation is very quick and easy to place, which makes this an ideal service for contractors, and for construction and HVAC companies, to provide. Owning the equipment and corresponding spray foam trailer is the best way to maximize profits from every foam insulation job.

Spray Insulation Services

Every building needs insulation. That includes residential, commercial, and industrial properties of all sizes, styles, and types. There are lots of building out there, and that adds up to lots of utility bills. Everyone is looking for ways to reduce energy loss and save money, and that’s why providing spray insulation services is such a lucrative business move. Owning a spray foam trailer is just another shrewd step in this decision-making process.

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