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Three Ways Your Business Can Implement An Effective Color Coding System

Colored adhesive dots can have many advantages in the workplace. They can help keep files, folders, and anything else easily organized and easy to pick out. If your business deals with a lot of files and important documents, here are three creative ways you can incorporate color coding dot stickers into your workflow.

Three Ways To Use Colored Adhesive Dots

  • Colored Coding. Placing colored stickers on different folders or files can help differentiate their priority, their designation, what department they need to get to, along with any other notice that employees need to know. Red color coding stickers, for instance, can denote a high priority, while green stickers can signify a lower priority. This can help office workers better manage their workflow and help them better prioritize the jobs that need to be done. Not only does this help save time, but it can help mitigate errors that could hurt important timeframes and deadlines.
  • Double Dots. Combining large colored adhesive dots with smaller ones can help identify documents that need to be transferred between departments. This is a lot more efficient than sticky notes, which can be easily lost, and help ensure everyone who needs the file can access it. For instance, if a file needs to go from the sales department to the financing department, attaching a large green dot with a smaller red dot in the center, can be a good way to let everyone know who needs the information first and where it needs to go next.
  • Writing. Additionally, if you don’t want to bother with coming up with a specific classification system, or you’re finding it too difficult to get everyone on board, simply writing on the colored adhesive dots is just as effective. You can add department numbers, order types, client names, dates, and other abbreviations to help ensure that the information gets to where it needs to be. This is also more effective and time-efficient than having to sift through the files or fumble with sticky notes.

Colored adhesive dots are a fantastic way to organize all the important folders and documents that you need to easily access at work. This system can also help mitigate errors in communication, and allows everyone to have a better idea of what documents are, and where they need to be. This doesn’t just help things go smoother, but it can help alleviate stress and boost productivity overall.

If your business could benefit from a better system of organizing, investing in adhesive colored dots could be exactly what you need. They are simple, cost-effective, and easy to implement. To create the most effective system, you should sit down with your team and draw up an agreement on what colors signify what, so that everyone is aware of the new system and what it means. While there may be a slight adjustment period, once the system takes off you will be amazed at the difference it can make.

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