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Archive for October 20th, 2019

Vaccines Have Been Saving Lives For Hundreds Of Years Using The Pharmacy Grade Refrigerator

With flu season right around the corner, the conversation about vaccines is starting to kick up again. It’s always with good reason: clinics want to know they’re getting the best quality product and customers want to know they’re safe.

The pharmacy grade refrigerator is today’s best tool in keeping vaccines viable throughout the entire journey. From inception to the arm of a child, the medical freezer is explicitly designed to make vaccine protection a breeze. It comes with accessible storage compartments, easily adjustable temperature, and the ability to be transported between industries. Knowing how to use one responsibly takes just a little research. Are you familiar with the pharmaceutical freezer?

Vaccines are an essential ingredient to a safe and happy life. Let’s learn how both the vaccine freezer and refrigerator makes sure we’re all kept safe.

Vaccinations a

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Proper Storage Methods for Frozen Vaccines

The last few centuries have seen major advances in the field of medicine, from microscopes to germ theory to vaccinations to fight disease. Vaccines in particular are responsible for preventing many deaths from diseases, and the CDC and other organizations carefully track the use of vaccines around the world today. While these vaccines are quite powerful, they are also fragile medical items, and need proper storage solutions. So, this is why hospital staff and research lab staff will acquire a freezer for pharmaceuticals and similar goods, such as vaccine refrigerator freezers and medical grade refrigerators. Having a freezer for pharmaceuticals is standard for such medical sites, and a vaccine freezer will carefully store frozen vaccines at the correct temperature before use. How might this work? And how effective do vaccines prove to be?

Vaccines Then and Now

The concept of vaccines dates back over two centuries, to the year 1796. In that year, the British scientist Edw

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