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Archive for October 23rd, 2019

Benefits of Using Lining and Coatings in Water Tanks

Water is an essential part of life. And, without it, no living animal or plant can survive. Therefore, to help preserve it, water tanks were made. However, this new development came with one flaw—it was susceptible to outside factors. To ensure that the stored water maintains its purity at all times, water tank liners were developed.

Every water tank requires protection from bacterial growth and contamination, and this is what makes a gas tank liner essential. But before we can discuss the benefits of lining and coating, let’s take a look at the different types of coatings and linings.

Concrete Water Tank Liners

Concrete liners are used widely, especially in the water treatment sector and when lining concrete water tanks. One of the reasons why this water tank liner is quite popular is because of its waterproof ability in below ground structures

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Simple Hazardous Material Information Guide Chemical Handling

The use of chemicals directly or indirectly impacts human lives and makes an essential component in the manufacturing, construction and production industry. They are used to produce pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, cleaning materials, dyes, fuels, food additives, and more.

Today, strict health and safety codes govern the industrial use and handling of chemicals in ensuring a safe working environment. The most effective way to ensure that is by identifying chemicals to their health and environmental impacts; while communicating protective measures. All this information should be conveyed effortlessly and at a reasonable cost.

Hazardous Material Information Guide Labels

The Hazardous Material Information Guide (HMIG Labels) are specialty labels used to explain chemical information such as potential hazards and preventive measures in the event of an accident. HMIG labels are widely used as industrial

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