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Here are 3 Things to Know About Shipping with LTL Freight Services

Every day, tons of freight are moved into, out of, and around the country. Exports and imports accounted for 11.8 percent of the tons and 21.1 percent of the value in 2012 and are projected to make up an even greater share of freight moving throughout the United States, reaching 17.5 percent of the tonnage and 39.3 percent of the value by 2045. If you work with import export transportation in any way, then you will likely end up working with some form of freight services, one type of which includes LTL freight companies. If you work with import export transportation and with LTL freight services, then there are several things you should know and that’s what this article will take a look at.

  • Freight Can Be Picked Up at the Port: One thing to know about LTL freight services is that they can be contracted to pick up freight shipments at the port as well as other locations. LTL freight services can be contracted for container pick up services, which include picking up shipping containers as they arrive at a port, a critical part of import export transportation.
  • LTL Transportation Services Can Take Your Freight to Trade Shows: Another thing to know about LTL freight services is that they can be used to take your freight to trade shows around the country. There are hundreds of trade shows held across the United States every year, and they are the ideal forum for displaying the products that your company is currently working on. Since these freight shipments are often smaller, LTL freight is the ideal way to get what you need to trade shows on time.
  • LTL Freight Services are Ideal If You’re a Smaller Company: And finally, a third thing to know about LTL freight services is that they’re ideal to use if you’re a smaller company. As is generally known, LTL freight shipments are smaller pieces of freight that won’t fill an entire truckload. Smaller companies typically won’t fill whole truckloads with their freight, and that’s why LTL freight services are so useful, they can service smaller companies who still need to get their freight shipped around the country.

In conclusion, there are several things to know about shipping with LTL freight services. These things include knowing that freight can be picked up at the port, they can take your freight to trade shows, and they’re ideal for being used by smaller companies. These are just a few of the things to know about shipping with LTL freight services.

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