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Here are 3 Ways to Donate Clothing to Charity

Textiles account for 5% of municipal waste, because only about 15% of them are recycled. Whenever possible, instead of throwing used clothing items away, consider donating them to charity organizations that accept clothes donations instead. There are many charitable organizations you can choose from. Some are dedicated to helping military families, others help families and children in need. Whichever charity you choose to support, there are several ways you can donate clothing to charity, and this article will take a look at a few of those ways.

  • Have the Donations Picked Up at Your Home: One option for donating clothing to charity is to arrange to have the donation picked up at your home. Many people like this option because of how convenient it can be. The process is simple: after packing up the clothing items you want to donate, arrange a time for workers from the charity to come to your home to pick them up. They’ll arrive, pick up your donations, leave a receipt in some cases, and then leave.
  • Take the Donations to Clothing Drop Off Locations: Another option for donating clothing to charity is to take the donations to one of several clothing drop off locations. Many times charities will have the option of leaving donations at specific drop off points that can be found throughout a town or city. As donations are dropped off at a box, workers come by every few days to collect the contents.
  • Take the Donations to a Donation Center: And finally, a third option for donating clothing to charity is to take the donations to a donation center yourself. Many organizations will accept personally delivered donations at certain hours of the day. A number of people prefer this method since it guarantees that the donations arrived at their intended destination. Sometimes this method is also preferred if the donation center is located relatively close by.

In conclusion, there are several ways you can donate clothing to charity. The most common options include having the donations picked up at your home, taking the donations to clothing drop off locations, and taking the donations to a donation center yourself. The method chosen will largely depend on your individual schedule and what works best for you. Each way works well for getting clothing donations to the charity of your choice.

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