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Archive for November 14th, 2019

Onboarding Best Practices and How to Minimize Employee Turnover

The rate of unemployment is currently at its lowest, which is one of the reasons why 57% of businesses consider employee turnover to be a problem. Also, a considerable number of talented people are not as quick to commit to a permanent job, preferring to look to temp agencies in Texas for short term employment.

While low unemployment may be a good thing for job seekers, it is problematic for organizations. Replacement costs are estimated to be between 50% and 60% of the employee’s salary. For small businesses, employee turnover can be devastating.

Employee Onboarding Process

One of the tactics organizations are using to retain their top talent is employee onboarding. Even though this process of integrating employees into the organization is not new, it is more critical now more than ever before.

According to Aberdeen Group, a poorly executed integration process can lead to organizations losing top talent within six months. On the other hand, a goo

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Writing Is a Strength That Is Needed in All Industries

In an effort to make sure that all of the students in the district are proficient in their writing skills, the scoring team is also gauging how college ready these students will be. Gathered in a room for four days preparing to talk about writing modes, scoring rubrics, and model, partner, and gateway papers, the group of classroom teachers and professional scorers worked their way through close to 2,000 papers. The fact that all of these papers have to be scored twice sets a stage for accuracy, and a resolution process provides one more step to guarantee fairness.
From the outside, the process can seem tedious and exhausting. In the classroom, however, the instruction that helps students prepare for various kinds of writing is worthwhile. From expository to persuasive and from narrative to text based, there are many different styles of writing that today’s English teachers present. And while some students will be more successful than others when it comes to meeting the district st

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Hp Printers Advantages and How to choose the Best for Business

Hp printers are Bigwigs in the printing industry. Printers are important equipment in schools, homes, and offices. Printers and copier costs are the third largest office expense after payroll and rent. Since 1939, Hewlett Packard or HP has been providing a wide array of products. The multinational IT firm is popular for excellent products. It is no wonder they have huge customer base. They produce high quality printed papers, and their printouts color images are pretty much better than most brands. Also, HP printers are very affordable.

HP printers produce hard copies of computer inputs with original color and image. When choosing a HP printer, you should consider some basic qualities. You should ensure your printer has a great resolution, speed, and memory. Below are some of the reasons why the HP printer is an ideal choice.

Hp printers are multifunctional. This means that they will help you with all your printing, scanning and fixing needs. You can never go wrong w

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Color Coded Labels 4 Ways they Help

Color is an important part of everyday life. Color helps attract attention, and draw attention to other object. Color increases attention, such as brand recognition, by as much as 80%. While color is important to draw attention to things such as packaging, causing 85% of consumers to read a product package before purchase, it is also important to draw attention to other things. Whether you are in a store, a doctors office, a shipping office, or even a dentist’s office, colors are meant to draw attention to certain important things. Color labels are typically used to set some things apart from others, no matter where you are, the store, a health care professional’s office or a business office. Read below to see some of the most important ways that health care professionals, such as a dentist’s office can benefit from colored labels compared to typical black and white labels.


There are certain OSHA regulations that should be adhered to by any and all bu

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