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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Staffing Agency to do Your Recruitment

Do you lack an in-house human resource (HR) department and the HR staff in your organization? Or do you have no time to dedicate to your hiring process? Worry no more! Permanent or temporary staffing agencies can provide you with employee hiring help.

The services of an employment agency can assist you in selecting and retaining ideal employees. This post highlights six significant reasons why it’s prudent to buy the services of a staffing agency for your hiring needs.

Read on for insightful tips on why you should hire a recruiting agency to staff your business.

1. Lack of In-House Hiring Expertise

Most small business organizations and startups lack a dedicated in-house recruitment department and staff. Such organizations lack the resources and expertise of hiring the perfect candidates for the job. As such, they have to hire permanent or temp agencies that can aid them in undertaking a competent and professional hiring process.

2. Lack of Time to Undertake New Employee Recruitment

Sometimes your core business operations may be too overwhelming for you to find time to engage in a new employee hiring process. Engaging in such a process may consume part of the time that you could have spared for your core business operations. But hiring ideal temp agencies can help you in getting the right kind of employees without abandoning your core business duties.

Temp agencies can help your organization to save time in two main ways. First, hiring processes are time-consuming. But by using a staffing agency, you can concentrate on your work and still have the hiring process done for you.

Second, you won’t have to spend lots of time seeking for employees or making employment ads. Staffing agencies often have many applicants in their databases. All they need to do is send emails or text messages to invite them to an interview in no time.

3. Extra Security

Recruitment agencies offer more security and guarantees, which in-house hiring departments can’t provide. These agencies offer guarantee periods. As such, you can be sure that new employees will get retained at your organization for a specified time that the agency can guarantee. This period often spans a time-frame of 3 to 6 months.

If a new employee leaves before the guaranteed period, the temp agencies can make a full or partial refund. They can also help you to find a replacing candidate at no extra charges.

4. Improved Employee Quality

Most companies seek the services of staffing agencies to improve the quality of the new employees that they’ll get. Most staffing agencies are skilled in screening for the best candidates. They can get your company the best candidates with vast experience and high qualifications. Some of these temp agencies are also specialized in specific industries.

As such, they’re well-versed with specific industry recruitment trends, and they can get you the best of employees.

5. High Employee Retention

Employee retention is a problem for an estimated 57% of the organizations in the nation. High employee turnover leads to constant hiring. This kind of hiring is costly because companies have to make ads, conduct interviews, and train and orient new employees almost every year.

But hiring an ideal recruitment agency gets you the right employees who can better performance and reduce your need to fire or suspend employees.

6. Better Background Checks and Prospective Employee Screening

Employment agencies have the perfect online tools to access databases with criminal records, citizenship status, and employee qualifications. As such, they can perform comprehensive background checks to determine the work history and skills of a prospective employee.

They can also check whether your potential employees have ever engaged in crime or substance abuse in the past. Such comprehensive checks help you to get ideal employees with no criminal records.

Choosing the perfect permanent or temp agencies can help you to get employees that will suit your workplace needs. In most cases, the ideal employees improve company performance and employee retention. Their recruitment processes also save you time and money because you don’t have to create and fund a human resource department to do in-house hiring.

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