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Benefits of Sanitary Stainless Steel

Many companies, especially those in the food industry, usually use various sanitation processes to ensure that their end product is of high hygiene. This type of steel is made from iron and carbon. Iron ore is smelted in a blast furnace, carbon is added, and then oxygen is blown into the molten ore to lower the carbon content.

Now that you have a hint on how the stainless steel is made, it is vital to learn why it is used to make saturation pipe supports by many companies. Here are the benefits that stainless steel provides during sanitation.

Corrosion Resistance

Normally, steel usually corrodes faster because the main metal, iron, combines quickly with oxygen. However, this is not the case with stainless steel because chromium soup is usually added in the iron and carbon mixture. The chromium will react with oxygen, which was blown into the mixture, and this will lead to the formation of chromium oxide.

Chromium oxide gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance properties. Companies usually used acids and alkaline solution in high amounts, therefore having a material in the sanitary section that does not corrode is a plus. This ensures that the products which pass through the sanitary pipes are clean.


Stainless steel products are durable, and that is why many companies prefer using them to other types of materials. Under typical conditions, stainless steel pipes can easily exceed a 100-year lifespan. This is a long time, and thus it is convenient for a company to use stainless steel. This is one of the reasons why stainless steel is an excellent material for sanitary valves.

A sanitary butterfly valve is used to control used to make a fluid start or stop flowing through a section of pipe for the devices used. Therefore, having a durable valve is important to avoid leakage. The stainless steel butterfly valve can be used for years without changing, and the flow of the fluid will never encounter hitches.

High Temperatures Resistance

Stainless steel is strong enough to resist high temperatures caused by the processing steps or fire. Processing in companies involves the use of heat, and thus high temperatures and accidents involving fire are common.

Therefore, stainless steel being fire and heat resistant makes it a better material for sanitary fittings. Sanitary clamp fittings are used to join more than two sanitary pipes; therefore, they should not be affected by heat because they can affect the processing steps.

Easy to Clean

Sanitary pipe supports are made of stainless steel, a material that has proved to be easy to clean. Therefore, the hygiene of sanitary pipe supports is guaranteed to be of high-quality in different companies. Also, sanitary welding, which is mostly done in the drug and dairy industries, creates a clean environment that does not support the growth of microbes.

It Looks Good

The bright shiny appearance of stainless steel gives companies an aesthetic appearance. Sanitary pipe fittings and valves arranged in a particular order give a processing company a good look, which makes employees feel good about their work.

Easy to Fabricate

Stainless steel is easy to fabricate as the material can easily be cut, welded, formed, and machined into various sanitary pipe supports. Therefore, it is not a hard task turning the material into a sanitary clamp or valve.

Relatively Cheap

Stainless steel is relatively cheaper as compared to other materials. Stainless steel is often the least expensive material option when it comes to materials used to make sanitary pipe supports.

Freezing Resistance

Stainless steel resists temperatures far below freezing point. Therefore, it can be used to make sanitary pipe supports that are used in cryogenic applications.

Stainless steel is an important material to be used to make sanitary pipe supports. Companies need to manufacture products that meet the required hygiene standards. Using stainless steel ensures that the products being manufactured are not affected by any type of stress. This guide gives you the benefits that stainless steel offers companies.

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