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Choosing the Right Temporary Recruitment Agency

Temporary employment agencies (temp agencies) are recruitment platforms for companies and individuals looking for short-term staff replacement. They help companies fill temporary positions fast while eliminating costly administrative fees associated with job placement advertisements, staff interviewing and perhaps training.

The temp agency links workers to their appropriate job positions and the temp worker only works on a temporary position until the employer decides otherwise. How to find a temp position given the many different types of temporary employment agencies available to choose from.

Choosing the Right Temp Agency

Temporary staffing agencies offer temp jobs in different industries including computer systems experts, data entry staff, accountants, management consultants and nurses. Some specialize in particular career options, like secretaries and administrative positions. Others also offer allowances, vacation and insurance. So it’s important to assess different agencies before choosing the right one to work with. Here are some of the questions to ask prospective staffing agencies to understand how they operate.

  • Who caters for the placement fee?
  • What is the standard turnaround time for assignments?
  • Are you offered activation programs or training.
  • What sort of benefits come with the job
  • Rate of job placement

A good temp agency will not charge you a placement fee, instead, employers will cover the fee on your behalf. This is what most temp agencies do. Like a normal interview by an employer, also expect to be interviewed when applying for a temp job. Some agencies will even offer free non-skills training to temp workers.

How to Find a Temp Position

Finding a temp job is much like applying for a permanent job but now you’re looking for something short term that can sustain you until you secure a permanent job. All you have to do is submit a resume through the official channels by the agency -it could be online or written application, and waiting for an interview if you manage to be shortlisted.

Once you’re called for an interview, which is usually brief, the agency may subject you to a screening phase where they’ll gather more background information about you. After passing the interview, you’re directly absorbed by the agency and assigned a job based on your skills. If there are no current job openings, the agency will keep you informed once something opens up.

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