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Color Coded Labels 4 Ways they Help

Color is an important part of everyday life. Color helps attract attention, and draw attention to other object. Color increases attention, such as brand recognition, by as much as 80%. While color is important to draw attention to things such as packaging, causing 85% of consumers to read a product package before purchase, it is also important to draw attention to other things. Whether you are in a store, a doctors office, a shipping office, or even a dentist’s office, colors are meant to draw attention to certain important things. Color labels are typically used to set some things apart from others, no matter where you are, the store, a health care professional’s office or a business office. Read below to see some of the most important ways that health care professionals, such as a dentist’s office can benefit from colored labels compared to typical black and white labels.


There are certain OSHA regulations that should be adhered to by any and all businesses. These include an OSHA container. Certain restrictions include but are not limited to the container being closed, not able to leak and labeled and color-coded. For this reason labels that are colored are more beneficial compared with typical black and white labels. It doesn’t matter whether inkjet label printers are used to print labels or a thermal printer is used, color-coded labels are vital for OSHA containers in order to be compliant with regulations.


Certain biohazards are required to be disposed of properly, and this requires a special biohazard container for them to be disposed of in. This means that proper labeling should be applied to the container. Biohazard disposable containers are not the only things that require specific labeling. Other things that must be labeled in addition to waste containers include refrigerators and freezers where biohazard materials are stored, and bags and containers where waste material is deposited. Equipment which has come in contact with potentially infectious substances should be labeled accordingly. The label for biohazards are fluorescent orange in color to indicate attention to the labels.


Another way that color coded labels are helpful is when it come to sedation practices. Different sedation ingredients are labeled in a different way. This helps when choosing the best way to sedate patients. Appropriate colors coordinate how strong the sedation ingredients are. If patients need a mild sedative, then lighter or more neutral colors are used, and those requiring stronger sedatives are given an array or more stand-out prominent colors.


Sometimes the same medicine can be used for sedative purposes, just in strong concentration. Patients requiring more sedation can be given the same medicine as those requiring less sedation. The color coded labels simply get darker considering how strong the sedative is. The more concentration the sedative contains the darker the color coded label is. This makes it easy to determine the correct amount at a glance because of the changing colors.

Labels are important for everyday life, but sometimes a variation of them is necessary to differentiate between the importance of things. Colored labels are important to make certain important things stand out more than others. By using colored labels rather than black and white, health care professionals will pause while being drawn to the color, causing them to stop for a second and consider why the color is there what it means. There is no better way to draw simple subtle attention to important items, tools and ingredients than using colored labels.

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