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Onboarding Best Practices and How to Minimize Employee Turnover

The rate of unemployment is currently at its lowest, which is one of the reasons why 57% of businesses consider employee turnover to be a problem. Also, a considerable number of talented people are not as quick to commit to a permanent job, preferring to look to temp agencies in Texas for short term employment.

While low unemployment may be a good thing for job seekers, it is problematic for organizations. Replacement costs are estimated to be between 50% and 60% of the employee’s salary. For small businesses, employee turnover can be devastating.

Employee Onboarding Process

One of the tactics organizations are using to retain their top talent is employee onboarding. Even though this process of integrating employees into the organization is not new, it is more critical now more than ever before.

According to Aberdeen Group, a poorly executed integration process can lead to organizations losing top talent within six months. On the other hand, a good onboarding process boosts job performance, productivity, and minimizes the risk of occupational stress.

Best Practices

You can avoid the risk of employees seeking other job employment opportunities from temp agencies in Texas as soon as they are recruited. To make the most of the onboarding process, you should observe the following best practices:

Be Prepared for New Employees

It is a good idea to get employees up to speed as soon as they are hired. You can send a package to their emails explaining their duties and tasks. It could explain logistics such as where to park, how the company software works, and how to use the system to gain access to resources and offices.

Employers may also send videos and pictures of the company culture. It could include staff in an informal setting, such as engaging in team-building exercises. You can also break the ice by sending questionnaires and information about the team they’ll be joining.

Get a mentor for your new hire and prepare some tasks for them to do on the first day. Employees can get to work and have a better understanding of company operations sooner. The first day is less distressful when employees know what to expect.

Give Integration Some Time

Some psychiatric researchers have theorized that what new hires seek is to regain a sense of control so that they can attain their goals. When staffing your company, it is critical to ensure you cultivate a sense of belonging from the first day.

Also, some existing team members may feel uneasy and may feel their position is threatened by a new hire. The process would be a great opportunity to reassure other employees of their role and position. It can increase mutual trust and respect between the individuals working together.

But the process will take more than a few days. You can have a mentor or a buddy system where each hire has a partner who they can ask questions. When staffing your team, ensure new members understand how their roles fit and why the tasks they do are important.

Employers seeking hires from temp agencies in Texas may be compelled to get their employees working as soon as possible. Often, it involves ignoring parts of the onboarding program. However, onboarding should be stretched over six months to a year, which will allow the process to have a more manageable flow.

Within the first month, the focus should be on responding to queries and answering feedback. It is, therefore, critical to ensure that when staffing, your employees can have a mentor or buddy to respond to their questions and concerns.

Within the first few months, set aside time for employees to liaise with other departments. It will help them get a better feel of company culture and the nature of operations. Keep checking on new hires for the next 12 months to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Onboarding is more critical to organizations today than ever before, thanks to the high turnover rate. Following the best practices for your organization onboarding process is beneficial to both the employee and the organization. You can use the staffing services of permanent and temp agencies in Texas to develop a suitable hiring and onboarding program for your business.

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