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Category: Best charities to donate to

Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Donating To Charity Here In The United States

From wounded veterans charities to the American Red Cross to charities to help families in need, there are a great deal of charities out there in the world. Fortunately, rates of charitable giving are high here in the United States, with nearly three quarters of the population giving back to charity at least once over the course of the year – and many giving back, as they are able, far more frequently even than that. In fact, the amount of charitable donations accrued by wounded veterans charities and other such charities over the course of a year makes up as much as 3% of the total collective income of employees throughout the United States.

For those who are not able to give a monetary amount to wounded veterans charities or the like, giving in the form of used clothing donations is still more than possible. Unfortunately, only around 15% of all used clothing is actually don

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Giving Back to the Men and Women Who Fight for Our Freedom Everyday

Pick up clothing donations

There aren’t enough ways to express our undying gratitude for the soldiers who fight for our freedom on a daily basis. Thrust into the most dangerous of scenarios, they ask very little in return for protecting this country. So, we’re constantly looking for ways to ensure they are taken care of when their tour of duty ends and they can come back home to their families. One of the things we know we can do to give back to the brave and strong soldiers is to donate to charity.

The Purple Heart is an excellent example of a charity that benefits veterans returning from war, particularly those who come back with physical, mental, or emotional wounds. These charities enable everyday people to donate so that they might better serve the community of veterans and assist families in need. They accept typi

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