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Category: Borescope services

Borescope Inspections and Maintenance Keep Your Turbines Working at 100%!

Energy is an essential part of every electrically powered civilization. It is a mark of a civilization’s step into a more technologically advanced race. But how do you get it? By generating it. Believe it not, electricity is not caught by holding a jar out during a thunderstorm and hoping lighting strikes the jar. No, instead, the generators use materials like gas and steam. In fact, steam turbines have a long history of being used as an electricity producer, as far back as the 1880’s. Can you imagine having electricity then? But like all machines, they need their maintenance.

You would be putting it lightly if you said gas turbines were absolutely crucial to the energy division. Most places, if not all, all over the world have been using machines as a means to generate power. Entire communities are home to industrial plants, schools, office building

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Boroscope Inspections for Gas Turbines Maximize Safety and Efficiency

Borescope inspection of gas turbine

Natural gas is the second most important source of energy in the U.S. Gas fired power plants use gas turbines to generate electricity. New designs make gas turbines highly efficient, achieving fuel to energy conversions of 60%. Regular inspections are essential to keeping gas turbines running at peak efficiency. Turbine inspections using boroscopes can be used to determine if repair work or maintenance is needed, preventing major problems.

Natural gas is the second most important fuel
The U.S. is the leading producer of natural gas in the world, with the annual output reaching 750 billion cubic meters in 2016. Natural gas is the second most important energy source in the country. One of its leading applications is in the field of power generation. Natural

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