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Category: Broker system

Maximize Productivity as a Freight Broker

There are many businesses out there that require the use of multiple vehicles and multiple drivers at a time. Whether you run a taxi service, search and rescue operation, heavy hauling company, a freight broker business, or anything else that involves juggling several vehicles in the field at once, you want to be sure that you know where all of your vessels are at all times and that they are running smoothly. This can seem impossible to do, because it is not feasible to be conversing with all drivers simultaneously to get live updates of them and their vehicles. Thankfully, there is a system that caters to doing this for you. With LTL shipments tracking integration, you can know where your vehicles are and more.

LTL shipments tracking integration is, in a nutshell, a software that uses tracking devices to monitor a fleet of vehicles. For you, this software can gather anything from the vehicles’ location, health, productivity, and driver behavior. While this would prove useful to

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4 Popular Types of Freight Shipments

There are many drivers currently working throughout the United States. Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that nearly 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers currently transport freight throughout the United States. In addition, many drivers are receiving increased amounts of works due to the popularity of the world of ecommerce. One study found that the current value of ecommerce revenue has reached a total of $423.3 billion and will continue to climb. Many of these ecommerce giants utilize load boards to ensure their products are successfully transported. With that in mind, here are four popular types of freight shipments.

  • Less Than Truckload

    Many within the transportation industry are profiting from LTL shipments. Also known as less than truckload, Read more ...

What are LTL Shipment and How Can They Help Your Business

Types of transportation broker software

LTL shipping has increased in popularity over the years and is currently an estimated $35 billion market. Transportation of goods is and always will be a necessity that majority of businesses must utilize. There are approximately 12 million trains, vessels and trucks involved in transportation process, so choosing the right one can be hard. Knowing the benefits for shipping full loads and loads that aren’t full can be the difference between saving your company money and costing your company money.

What is LTL

LTL shipments means less-than-truckload shipments. These shipments are typically smaller than a typical

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