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Category: Fire protection companies

Why Update Your Hotel’s Fire Alarm System

When you own and operate a hotel, your primary concern is your guests. You want to keep them safe and happy at all times, which means you have to have the most upgraded fire alarm systems on the market.

Did you know that there are around fifteen deaths and 150 injuries caused yearly by hotel or motel fire issues? You don’t want this to happen at your establishment, so do what you can to make your hotel safe and secure for all your guests by getting a fire alarm inspection and upgrading your fire alarm systems if necessary. Here are reasons to have this type of work done.

You Improve Customer Safety

Customer safety is your number one priority. When you own a large establishment, it’s important to make sure every guest in your facility is able to access a healthy and well-working fire alarm system. This way, if a fire or smoke concern were to break out, every guest would be able to have the chance to vacate the property and do what they have to do to be safe.<

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Taking A Closer Look At Fires In The United States – And What Can Be Done To Prevent Them

Fires can be hugely frightening, there is no doubt about this. After all, fires have the power to be quite destructive and very, very dangerous if they are left unchecked. Unfortunately, lives have been lost to fires in all places of this country and many injuries, often quite serious ones, sustained. For many people, recovering form a burn injury proves to be incredibly difficult, and is not something to be glossed over or overlooked as less serious than it actually is. Aside from the toll that fires can take on human life, fires can also be incredibly destructive to property and personal belongings as well.

Though fires can certainly break out just about anywhere, they are particularly commonplace in hotels and motels. As a matter of fact, up to about $76 million worth of property loss and damage will occur from such fires over the course of just one year, and the toll that these fires take on human life is very significant as well. Over the course of just one year, as many as 1

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3 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Safer

Commercial fire alarms ft. lauderdale

Halloween has happened, and now Thanksgiving is on the horizon. With less than a month to get your recipes ready, now is the time to start planning. That being said, you can’t forget about fire safety. Accidents happen, and research shows that most home fires start in the kitchen.

Here are just a few tips you can use to keep your turkey day as safe as possible.

Keep an Eye on Your Cooking. – One of the most obvious and easiest things you can do to make your Thanksgiving as safe as possible is to keep an eye on what you’re cooking. Don’t leave things unattended on the stove top, and check on the turkey as often as you can.

Make Sure Your Smoke Alarm Works. – Before you even start cooking, before you even start shopping, before you even g

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