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Category: Foundry

The History of the Metal Melting Furnace

The metal melting furnace has been around for thousands of years. Today, the induction melting furnace is used in the modern world for the production of steel and other materials, and the induction forge and inductotherm metal melting furnace technology are largely taken for granted. But while the technology is somewhat new, the process is very old and in some ways things haven’t changed: we’re just as dependent on the metal melting furnace for industry today as we ever were in ancient times.

The Reason For Metallurgy

Metallurgy is the process of making metals into something else, such as a tool. Most metals are not found in their pure form and must be heated in order to remove the impurities, or things other than metal, from the ore in which they naturally exist. Our very ancient ancestors got their metal by pounding on the ore to chip off pieces, but it wasn’t long before we developed a metal melting furnace to get at this valuable material.

Ancient Metallurgy

The fir

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