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Category: How to repair a book spine

3 Creative Ways To Use Colored Dot Stickers In Your Workplace

Color coding stickers have numerous benefits when it comes to keeping organized in the workplace. Colored dot stickers in particular are great for organizing papers, folders, and anything else that needs to be sorted for easy access. Here are 3 ways to incorporate colored dot stickers into your workplace.

3 Creative Ways To Use Colored Dot Stickers

  • Adding Stars. Adding a different colored star sticker can help differentiate different types of files and their level of importance. If your working with client orders, gold stars on red stickers can indicate a high priority, while silver stars on green color circle stickers can indicate the lowest priority. This helps keep things organized, while ensuring that all orders can be met in a time efficient fashion.
  • Different Size Colored Dot Stickers. Using contrasting colors of dots can also help differentiate levels of importance, specific departments, or client typ

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Book Repair and Sticker Labeling

Physical books, despite the rise of electronic devices such as the Nook and Kindle, still have a place on library book shelves and in personal collections. Often, a book will have sentimental value to it, and this means that a book kept for years may eventually become damaged, and that can include its hinges, covers, and the spine, whether the fabric cover or the cardboard spine inside. How to repair a book spine? And how can colored stickers be used for books safely and clearly? Handling books can be made easy.

Parts of a Book

How to repair a book spine? That starts with knowing the anatomy of a hardback book. The spine is the center piece that holds everything together, a tall, thin piece of cardboard that also has a cloth spine cover. The hinges connect the spine to its outer covers, and the endpapers coat the covers on the inside, and a flyleaf is a loose sheet of paper that, when the book is closed, is between the endpaper and the main pages of the book. Often, a boo

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